Mi Goreng – tasteful laziness

Perfect for that study snack, even more palatable after a heavy night out after stumbling through your back door with no shoes on at 4:30am, Mi Goreng is certainly a necessity in any pantry within Australia.

It is very much a student staple. It was talked about last week on Nova with  Hughsy and Kate where students were calling up confessing their addictions (in clearly an extreme example) for Mi Goreng. It is revolutionising the diets of young adults across Australia. But I really don’t think with the sodium and the nutrients – or lack thereof – Mi Goreng really isn’t doing anything spectacular for the budget conscious uni students health. So I gave myself a challenge: to make Mi Goreng taste better, look amazing, and to add more life (nutrients) to the meal.

I decided at about 5.30 that I was going to cook dinner. My day was busy, so I was very much keen on laziness and possibly even starvation until I just dozed off. Fortunately (unfortunately depending on how you look at it) hunger pains got the better of me. I rummaged the pantry and in awe, I found Mi Goreng!

The mental creative juices began to flow. Mi Goreng wasn’t going to satisfy me, nor would it really satisfy my mum and sister. I was on a mission!! I hopped into my car, and went to Woolies, hoping to secure some markdown meat! It sounds really cheap, but I try not to pay full price for most things. Plus my Mum always taught me “If you have a freezer, there is no problems with markdowns!” Possibly one of the best life advice my Mum has given me. My Mum has a nickname of being the ‘Markdown Queen,’ which she wears so proudly. After running to the meat section, my timing was perfect: the markdown gun was out, and I picked up four pork steaks for less than $5. I had an idea now: there is this restaurant in Inala called Tanh Thanh – amazing food, at amazing prices check it out – who cook the best pork ever. The way they set up the plate, the way the dress their plates; these images were being collectively painted in my head.

I went to ‘Kim Loan’ (another one of my life savers; it is a Vietnamese grocer), picked up some spices, vegies and coriander. I was ready for the very short trip home.

One of the spices I bought was this Thai Red Pork Seasoning, which cost about $2. I mixed that with a cup of water, stirred and marinated my pork steaks. This seasoning is magic I swear. What it does to the taste and colour of the pork is almost supernatural. I let this soak for about 20 minutes all up. Usually soak for about 3 – 4 hours for ultimate tenderness.

I got my wok out – If ever you are going to purchase a wok, get a carbon steel one. I filled it with water and waited for it to boil. I returned to the pantry and grabbed three packets of mi goreng. Once the water was boiled, I added the noodle cakes. Cook for two minutes, drain, and leave to the side.

I sliced a Wombok (Chinese cabbage), julienned about two medium-sized carrots, and chopped a big bunch of  fresh shallots. I also removed the seeds out of one cucumber, and two tomatoes before slicing thinly.

Using the sauces and seasoning from the Mi Goreng packets, I stir-fried all the vegies except the tomatoes and cucumber. I then added the noodles with the vegetables. Meanwhile, I had another fry pan heating. This was for the pork steaks. I added a bit of sesame oil and garlic and cooked the pork until slightly pink in the centre (about 4 minutes each side depending on thickness). In the same pan, I also fried two eggs (for my Mum and sister as I cannot stand eggs) – use egg rings as it makes them look more pretty.

While this was all getting ready. I began to dress the plate. with the sliced tomatoes, I placed a few slices side-by-side. Why? Some people can’t handle the chilli, so sliced tomato is good to help sooth your mouth. I then placed the noodles in the centre, adding the pork steak and fried egg on top. I then topped it off with the sliced cucumbers and coriander (a common trait of South-East Asian cuisine).

The taste = amazing. So get creative with your Mi Goreng, because as good as it is, it can always get better. Plus I only spent about $10-12 on this entire meal. While yes we are three people, we are three pretty big eaters!!

Let me know how it goes.

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    My friends and I were so addicted to Mi Goreng, that we even threw a “Mi Goreng Appreciation Party!” – where we made 4 cafeteria sized trays of Mi Goreng for people to enjoy; in some we put pieces of chicken, sliced vegies etc. to add some excitement. We even had to go to a warehouse to buy a box of 40 Mi Goreng packets (which was only like $10!!). However, since that night, most of us get sick at the thought of Mi Goreng… 🙁 Vodka + Wine + Mi Goreng = …well you can probably guess!

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      Hey Tamara… Yes I’ve been to a few parties where we’re supposed to bring a plate of food, and I bring some Mi Goreng!! haha, but 4 cafeteria sized trays? That is pretty intense!!

      I am sure I can read between the lines of that little equation you have there.

      On a random note, I have even tried to make Weet-Bix more exciting… Add a bit of jam on to the weet-bix before you drown them in milk, for breakfast…. Not bad, not bad at all.

      Feel free to contribute your new takes on student staples…

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    Tan Thanh at Inala?
    You legend, hahaa 🙂
    They’ve got a new owner though, food isn’t as good as it used to be.
    But it’s still good either way!

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      Hey Vivienne, yes Tan Thanh at Inala!!

      HAHA – even went there last night! If you see me there, say hi!!

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    Very creative and it looks tasty ^^ yum yum ……You should try chucking pickled carrots, it gives some sort or sourness to the dish.

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      I’ve always wondered why the carrot tasted funny at Pho99!! Where do you get it from?

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        you can pretty make it at home. Usually mum would mix water, vinegar and sugar and chucks in grated carrots and white raddish. You would let it soak for a while before eating it…can’t remember for how long, i’ll ask mum tonight and let you know tomorrow. Plus they can be preserved for a long time.

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        sorry for the late reply. mum said the carrots should be soaked for 2 hours before eating 🙂

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        Looks like i’m going to try this out. Thanks so much Lien… I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

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      Hey Michelle!

      Yes the packet on the link seems to be the one. It just has a slightly different picture. I’m sure you can wing it anyway!

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