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Today the 21st of July, 2010 marked as my return to second semester of uni. I didn’t  really feel as if I enjoyed my holiday as much. I think working at QUT had something to do with this.

Needless to say, I was glad to be back. I started my first elective – Youth Crime and Justice. We’ve already established I’m doing a Bachelor of Business, so electives are your chance to really experiment with your study, and that is exactly what I’m doing. I didn’t want to choose a subject that was like every other subject I have done thus far. So I chose an area which is personally close to my heart – the youth.

I’m really excited about this semester, despite being so pissed off at having uni on Friday nights. I turn 20 on Friday as well. Can my birthday get any worse? LOL! Trust me it can, and most probably will, with unfortunate family events taking place on Friday as well. Okay, I’m sick of tip-toeing around this issue as well, so I’ll give you a personal insight into my reality.

I grew up in Inala, and continue to still live there. I have always lived in government housing. I grew up with my parents supported by the government, something I never wanted to experience myself . I have run away from home, lived out of home, and even went back home. My circumstances forced me to grow up fast, and become independent.  (DEEP BREATH)……

I grew up with a lot of domestic violence. I don’t mean just one-off events, I’m talking about my whole life. Thankfully in September 2008, my parents divorced. Life got so much harder, the violence exacerbated, and  me and my family (mum, sister, Toby – the dog – and I) had to detour through hell, to get where we are now. We are in destination unknown at the moment. Things really aren’t perfect, but we are making the steps towards brighter days. It has been an uphill battle of criminal proceedings, domestic violence hearings, committal hearings, which has really compromised a lot of my personal life. For a lot of these times, I represented myself in Domestic Violence hearings, and most recently representing my mother in terms of Family Law.

Times continue to be difficult, and certainly challenging. I love a challenge but, and I never give up without a fight. For most of my uni career I dealt with these issues as well as working four part time jobs, and studying full-time. It was truly the only way I could maintain my sanity. Plus I didn’t want to be supported by the government, I was determined to fund my own education.

So, a very very long story short, my father won the latest court case in relation to property settlement. While I could easily share my disgust with the court ruling, I’m not going to. Everything does happen for a reason, and I have learnt to accept a lot of  unjust things in life. However, he elected my birthday as the day he is going to collect our assets. Our dinner table, my mum’s bed, our lounge suite, the list goes on.

He chose my birthday intentionally to hurt me, there is simply no second guessing. After all, I was one of the three who assisted in the charges he has. It doesn’t matter that I’m his son, it really isn’t about that at all. For him it is all about winning, and us continue to pay his alleged dues. So on Friday, when I turn 20, it will be a fitting end to his present and future absence in my life. I’m chucking a party early in the morning, not for my birthday but to celebrate the family law aspect of my family break down, finally concluding.

So back to my elective – Youth Crime and Justice. I have a strong connection to Youth, and I believe I identify with a lot of youth hardships. We cop so much unfair criticisms, and I know that I’m certainly not the token description of a “youth” the media often seeks to portray. Historically, we have copped slack from our predecessors who apparently did a way better job then what we are doing.

I disagree. Young people (rather than “youth” – youth sounds so demonic these days) are doing such great things, which always get ignored. I think we are just poorly understood.

It is through our social media systems, such as this blog, where we can showcase all the great things that we are doing in real-time.

I was quite reluctant, yet anxious in a way to share this story. It isn’t the full story, and many aspects to my “story” that I haven’t shared with my closest of close peeps. But I hope that someone reading this, who may be going through a similar issue as I was, can see that it all is possible. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your tomorrow. Learn to make positive changes that will benefit yourself and your loved ones. But my greatest lesson was not to let your loved ones hurt you.

I feel better now =)

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    Good on you Michael.All my love to you xxxx

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    Happy Birthday Michael (just in the nick of time!).

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    Thank you Margaret – I really appreciate your support.

    Amilia – yes just in the nick of time. Thank you just the same

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    Wow Michael I had absolutely no idea, and would never have guessed, that you’ve been to hell and back. You are always so upbeat – smiling, joking, having a good time – whenever I see you, I’ve not even witnessed a hint of emotional hardship.
    What an inspiration. Truly, that post just blew me away.
    I hope your birthday was the mark of the new chapter you wrote about.

    ps. thanks for the lift the other day, and did i leave my bottle of water in your car? if so, sorry for littering your tidy vehicle!

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