EP Launch review: Alanya Bridge

Last weekend I decided that it was time for me to get a life, so that’s exactly what I did. Enter Alanya Bridge and her awesome EP.

After last semester with everything going on at once I was not letting my last weekend before university resumed go to waste. Heading to an EP Launch is not something that I’ve ever done before so one not to want to miss out on anything, I headed off to Drift down on Coronation Drive.

What did I read that made me want to go?
Enchanting songstress Alanya Bridge shares her love of lush vocal harmonies, soaring string arrangements alongside expressive piano accompaniments, weaving intricate stories.

What did I think?
The description of the event matched it to a T. I sat through the entire performance completely engaged and entertained. Another great part of the whole day was the location on the Brisbane River, watching the performance while overlooking the water great. Lunch after on the water was even better.

How can you enjoy Alanya’s music live?
‘Gift That’s Gave’ EP Launch
Sunday 25th July
12:30pm at Drift, 330 Coronation Drive.
Free entry, all ages.

Make sure that you get along and enjoy her music live, it’s definitely worth it.
Come and say hi at the Law tent this Sunday at Open Day as well.

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    Alanya’s music is so soulful….her sound has so much heart and watching her raw performance gives you goosebumps. Most humble stage presence…. I recommend it to everyone!! Please go along this Sunday if you can!

    Watch out for her song ”I Wish”…It’s magical!! :O

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