The Truth About Redheads

This week I took a big step forward in my online social-networking capabilities, and created a Twitter account.  My motive was not because I particularly wanted to announce my every movement to the world, but more so I could stalk certain celebrities and other notable people such as Hamish and Andy or John Mayer (very lame, I know).  To my pure amazement however, when you search “Julia Gillard”, there is more of discussion on her red hair, than being the first female Australian Prime Minister.  At first, I was shocked – because seriously, what is the big deal?

Those of us blessed with a fiery mane have always been in the spotlight at one point or another.  We have been hit with names such as ginger, carrot-top and ranga (which personally I find totally unoriginal) and teased for being temperamental, dramatic and crazy.  We have had Japanese tourists take photos of our hair because they are so shocked and have never seen it before (true story).  Let’s face it we are a minority, less than 2% of the entire human population has natural red hair, and generally people can be quick to emphasise this fact. 

Well, everyone should be prepared for the return of the ranga.  Soon after Julia Gillard’s announcement as Prime Minister, I was hit with a string of text and Facebook messages claiming that we (Redheads) are taking over the world.  Firstly ‘taking over’ is genetically impossible.  Secondly, even if we were to ‘take over’ what would that entail exactly?  Another world war with redheads united, fighting back after all the years of teasing and torments?  To be honest, that isn’t really the true redhead-style.

The essence of having red hair lies in the mystery of people never quite knowing what to expect from you.  No matter how pleasant you may seem, others will almost always be on edge that the stereotypical fiery nature inside of us will unexpectedly unleash.  And just quietly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I frequently wear mine out long, wavy and proud.  The daily sunscreen routines, pale skin and freckles are worth it compared to the fact I’ll never go grey. 

So to all those natural redheads out there – embrace it. 

To everyone else, you are all just jealous.

After writing this blog I did a quick Google search for a witty redhead joke to finish this little rant off and to be honest I was quite disappointed. 

Until I realised that no one DARES joke about a redhead.

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