Queensland University of Technology (QUT) hosted the biennial Asian Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA) Conference. Highly diverse constituents of varied cultures, ethnicities, and personal experiences made up the 400 delegates. This diversity was set amidst themes of ‘supporting’, ’engaging,’ and ‘building graduate capabilities’ for students involved in international tertiary education. More than this, APSSA highlighted the many challenges future graduates face: greater graduate competition impacting employability, environmental sustainability, poverty, increased disparity between rich and poor, globalisation among others. While previous conferences stimulate questions to the aforementioned issues, APSSA’s approach was different. Rather, APSSA invited and actively encouraged solutions.

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Keep the years rolling =)

Today the 21st of July, 2010 marked as my return to second semester of uni. I didn’t  really feel as if I enjoyed my holiday as much. I think working at QUT had something to do with this.

Needless to say, I was glad to be back. I started my first elective – Youth Crime and Justice. We’ve already established I’m doing a Bachelor of Business, so electives are your chance to really experiment with your study, and that is exactly what I’m doing. I didn’t want to choose a subject that was like every other subject I have done thus far. So I chose an area which is personally close to my heart – the youth.

I’m really excited about this semester, despite being so pissed off at having uni on Friday nights. I turn 20 on Friday as well. Can my birthday get any worse? LOL! Trust me it can, and most probably will, with unfortunate family events taking place on Friday as well. Okay, I’m sick of tip-toeing around this issue as well, so I’ll give you a personal insight into my reality.

I grew up in Inala, and continue to still live there. I have always lived in government housing. I grew up with my parents supported by the government, something I never wanted to experience myself . I have run away from home, lived out of home, and even went back home. My circumstances forced me to grow up fast, and become independent.  (DEEP BREATH)……

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Adventures on camp: the highlights!

Just came off the back of a camp with QUT as my work as a Student Ambassador. We stayed from Friday through Sunday with the kids (in Year 10), and have another camp with grades 11-12s next weekend. I find these camps are one of the best weekends of the year. It is a lot of fun getting to know the kids, bonding with them, and showing them university isn’t a big and scary place. Its something real, something attainable, and an interesting prospect.

Not to mention just how fun it is hanging around these guys. I will admit, I have a passion for youth. I used to help out at a youth group frequently back in high school, and this job is just like an awesome extension of that. For a lot of these kids from regional areas (Gin Gin, Murgon, Childers, etc), its their first time ever in Brisbane. Sure, for the first day/night of the camp they were restless, rowdy, and wanted to go to sleep. You would be too if you were stuck on a bus for 4 hours.

But come the next day, they were settled and keen to learn. Being joyfully expressive, curious, and creative. They got involved in all the activities, laughed, shouted, chilled, jumped, and generally made the weekend a kickass time.

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The Truth About Redheads

This week I took a big step forward in my online social-networking capabilities, and created a Twitter account.  My motive was not because I particularly wanted to announce my every movement to the world, but more so I could stalk certain celebrities and other notable people such as Hamish and Andy or John Mayer (very lame, I know).  To my pure amazement however, when you search “Julia Gillard”, there is more of discussion on her red hair, than being the first female Australian Prime Minister.  At first, I was shocked – because seriously, what is the big deal?

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