It’s Over… for a about a month anyway!

I’m back in the spirit of blogging!

You will never guess where I’ve been… Go on try?


The Gold Coast?

South Africa for the World Cup Opening Ceremony?



Sorry to break it to you, but the answer is none of the above. I’ve been in Dreamland!!

So semester 1, 2010 came to a beautiful end at about 6:38 and 43 seconds on the 8th day of June, 2010. Trust me I was counting alright!!

The semester ended with the completion of a first year subject, BSB113 – Economics. Now let me explain…

a) Yes, I’m a third year student.

b) Yes, I know BSB113 is a first year subject.

c) No, I didn’t repeat because I wasn’t smart enough.

d) I just think there should be laws against going to uni on a Friday night.

Yes that is right, every other semester that has passed me, this subject has only been offered on a Friday night. Or… I usually get allocated the Friday night ones anyway. Because I don’t have a good enough excuse apart from being a normal human who enjoys their Friday nights, I have always opted to postpone taking that subject. Thankfully this semester QUT offered this subject at more human-like times.

In the exam, I had it pretty easy. But I was just lazy… (maybe that is a bit of an understatement). For the exam, the lecturer gave us three questions, two of which will be presented on the exam,  only one of which you had to answer. Sounds like a good deal hey?

I was so confident, and yes maybe a bit cocky, that If I prepared for only one question, that if I prayed enough, and did enough good deeds to get Karma on my side, that particular question would come up in the exam.

My friends, convinced me otherwise. “… No Michael, you’re stupid… I can’t believe you have only prepared for one! And you’re supposed to be a student ambassador!”

My friends have no trust in my judgement as you can see! But I tried not to listen to their personal attacks at me.

….. One hour later – SWEAT LEVELS 5%

….. Two hours later – SWEAT LEVELS 57.98%

…. Ten minutes before the exam – I WISH I WORE A NAPPY!! (jokes)

My friends never trust any of the decisions I make. I mean I can understand why… but like I’m their friend, and that’s all that should matter.

In the end, my decision was right. I think I aced the exam!

Why? Because I’m cool like that. =]

While I didn’t study enough for this exam, I already knew that I need three marks to have passed the entire subject. My motivation wasn’t there, that was my problem. So I don’t recommend you doing this. However, your markers are usually efficient with the turn around of submitting your assignments, and handing back earlier exam marks. This way, you know what marks you are sitting on prior to final exams, or assignments, so you can work out how much you need in terms of marks, to meet your desired grade.

So now, I am enjoying my sleep ins, eating at more “human-like” times, and eating properly too I might add!

In my life, as one thing ends, another begins almost straight away. I have to re-apply for my job, as my contract runs out on the 2nd July; I have a lot of family crap going on, which occupies so much of my personal time; and I’m representing QUT at the Asian Pacific Student Affairs Association Conference. This is just a few of the things I’m going to be doing while on my break. But the best thing will be the extra sleep I will get!

Take care,


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    haha, I wish I was in this position! Have one more exam tomorrow…then need to figure out which subjects I’m going to do =X

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    ahhh, I hate my dp

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