so no one told you life was gonna be this way…da da da da da *dancing to the theme song from Friends*

i have had an insane week! i’ve spent pretty much the past four days straight in my mum’s office writing a business plan for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (i have to go to my mum’s office because there are too many distractions at home! especially the fridge!). Anyway i finally handed in that mother of an assignment on wednesday but then had to face the fact that i had two assignments due on friday!!

BUT the reason i’m writing this blog is to say that, it makes everything so much easier when you have awesome friends like the ones I’ve met in chemistry. They got really excited when I told them about this blog and the fact that we probably shouldn’t use real names etc so they spent a good few hours of chem study time coming up with pseudonyms for themselves. So far we have “Eva” and the other two haven’t decided yet so for now they can be “English McMuffin”and “Smarty McSmarty-pants”.

Anyway, this is where my friends come into this disastrous week. They are just the loveliest bunch of people and some how I laugh more when I’m studying with them, than I do in an entire week. So when i came into uni half asleep on thursday stressing over other two assignments i hadn’t even begun thinking about, they sat down with me, and explained me through painstaking question by painstaking question until I understood and could finish my chem assignment. What was so nice was that Smarty McSmarty-pants, who I don’t know if you’ve guessed, is very very intelligent, was still so encouraging (even though i clearly had no idea what i was doing) and every time I got a question right, even if it was so incredibly simple he would smile and give me a high five and made me feel like I actually really achieved something.

So I guess the moral of the story is, don’t feel like you have to handle everything on your own. There are always people out there to support you whether they be friends, family, coworkers or your tutors and lecturers.  Thankyou Eva, English McMuffin and Smarty McSmartypants for everything 🙂 i honestly couldn’t have gotten through that week without you 🙂

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