The early mornings are taking their tolls, that’s probably the only certainty in this week… WEEK 13!

My biological clock – that thing inside of you that knows that its dinner time, knows when your favourite show is coming on tv, and even reminds you that it is time to go to sleep. I’m just wondering, has anyone seen mine?

I’m at a complete loss as to what day, time it is at the moment. It doesn’t help that as our calendars approach June 21st our days continue to get shorter, adding more confusion to the situation. I have lost my biological clock somewhere amidst the mountains of photocopied journal articles, and poorly written assignments that have been edited 23 times over and have now transformed into scrap paper that I routinely sign my signature on as if I am some A-List celebrity. 

Hmmm… I’d clearly be famous for procrastinating or my outstanding vocal ability… LOL

I’ll study religiously for hours and then suddenly darkness takes control and it is 2:40am. The time just flies as if it has overdosed on Redbull or something. I’ll stagger my way to my bedroom, as my dog follows me just as zombie-like. But I won’t go to sleep yet. My head is full of these thoughts of my assignment, or what my final grade will be in this unit which is driving me crazy, Public Relations Techniques! Then I’ll  make these plans to have a productive day, where I’ll wake up at 6.30am after about 10 different sounding alarms going off, where I’m going to be invincible to whatever the day will throw at me.

Just quietly I’ll even dream of myself waking up heaps early and being productive… There is no problem with that eh?

I hear these alarms, the first one is usually “O.M.G – Usher feat Will.i.Am,” then “Daddy’s Home – Usher.” These songs along with the vibrations generated from my mobile still fail to wake me up. Mind you, my phone is like 3 metres away from my bed, so I have to physically get up to get turn my alarm off. Still my mind is asleep. Then I’ll hear the sounds of some old school Toni Braxton, along with The Script, The Strokes, B.o.B, and Sia and suddenly…. I’m up, and its 6:42am!

Unfortunately this doesn’t last long as tiredness magnetises my eyelids together as my brain too wants to indulge in just a bit more sleep. Naturally I hit snooze!

In a sleep that seems like it is only 4 minutes long, I’ll wake and I can guarantee you what I see next is my alarm clock green illuminative lights, informing me that time is in fact 11:49am.

I’m not sure if I think I am a nocturnal or what, lately because it seems that I’m this over grown, bald, albino looking possum.

On a lighter, more positive note, I’m on a mission to gain my normal life back. I only have two assessments left!!


So, I’m on a mission to get my last Public Relations Assessment completed for this semester, start studying for my ONE final exam, and then celebrate big time!! A celebration that won’t see my home for a whole week!! haha. A month-long holiday that will see me being able to enjoy those songs that play on my early morning alarms…. A month-long celebration that can see me snooze all I want, and not feel guilty about… until I get in a phone call from work asking me “Where are you?”

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    Man, mgb210 is killing me 🙁 Just thinking about the exam is stressing me out 🙁 and noone cares….

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    I’m sure someone cares. Have you tried looking at studywell? or talking to your unit coordinator in their consultation times. I spent a lot of my arvo yesterday with my economics tutor. It was certainly worth it.

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