My two greatest loves…at the same time!!!

I’m sooooooo excited!!! i don’t know if you guys have heard about it but there’s gonna be a concert on the Go Between Bridge on the 25th on June. The line-up is awesome!! very chilled out and incredibly cool:

Angus and Julia Stone, Robert Forster (from the go-betweens), Josh Pyke, Bob Evans, Yves Klein Blue and The John Steel Singers.

So i’m a new fan of Angus and Julia Stone ever since i stole my sisters ipod last week and listened to ‘Just a Boy’ at least a thousand times. But what i’m most excited for is my two greatest loves, Josh Pyke and Bob Evans, i’m so stoked they’re both playing at the same concert. I really can’t wait!! so that’s what i’m looking forward to, while i’m sitting here studying for my final exams…..25th of June please come soon!!

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    ahh so excited! X

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