Welcome to zombieland, you sure will have a dreamy time here!

I’m writing this post on the last city cat home, it’s 12:20am, and I feel zombified. I would have stayed on campus to do more work, but didn’t want to walk home by myself at 2am… or fork out the money for a cab. So I’m drifting down river and feeling all kinds of confused.

Yesterday (Sunday 9th May) I submitted an assignment late for the first time in my university career  – and not just by a day, it was TWO DAYS late. I feel so disappointed in myself, and it’s the worst. It’s like when you misbehave and your mum goes “I’m not angry, just disappointed” and you get that feeling of heavy regret. It’s a penalty of 10% a day and the assessment task was worth 40% – so that’s an automatic loss of 8% straight up. The worst part is, I still wasn’t entirely happy with it, I just had no idea how to answer one of the questions. I only hope I do well enough to not be a total stress-head for the exam. Pfft. As if I’m not going to be freaking out.

So anyway, I submitted my other assignment today just in the nick of time at 9:38pm! Seven minutes later and it would have been game over for that one too. I was supposed to be doing today’s one over the weekend, but I was still working on the first one I mentioned and the plan got all messed up. So now I’ve only got another 20 million things to do before the end of semester arrives and brings with it 4 final exams – how lovely. If I already feel like a zombie now, I can’t imagine how I’ll feel/look/sound/smell after I’ve studied my brain dry for the next 5 weeks.

Will I ever learn to say no to social activities and actually do the study that I plan to do? I’m running short on semesters to learn this lesson.

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    I'm catching what you're throwing...

    I understand the pain of handing an assignment in late for the first time in your uni life. Final year, less time, a really busy month, cold weather and the flu has coupled themselves together into a mass of assignment preventers resulting in me handing in my assignment a day… possibly two late if I don’t cease my typical procrastination and finish my assignment. This is the true life of a uni student! ARGH! Week 14 = imminent lack of sleep and pain!

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