Life Bites Harder During Week 10/11

Currently, the time is 9:42pm on a Friday night. Today is the 14th day of May, 2010.

I’m not writing this blog on my mobile internet from a Nightclub in the Valley, I’m actually at home where I am supposed to be doing an assignment. I trust that you won’t tell anyone okay? So here I am thinking, reflecting on where I am currently at in my semester, and I’ve realised it is Week 10 borderline Week 11. That probably means jack all to you, but I thought you would find this insight interesting.

Tip #234: Things can go wrong, but its okay.

Each normal semester of university study is approximately 13 weeks long and if your grandmother has ever taken you to bingo, I’m sure you will understand that 13 is lucky for some. So here I am sitting here on a Friday night stuck on this darn assignment.

This semester has been quite breezy so far. I have completed most assessment for all of my units (oh by the way, units is our way our saying subjects). This was mainly due to my initiative in getting them in on time. In two “units” I could choose the assessment I wanted to do, and because of this, these assessments had varying due dates. I chose a lot of assignments, because I feel I work best in assignments, and also these assignments were due heaps early into the semester (about week 3 or so). I find that life bites harder during week 10/11 of your semester, because this is traditionally when a lot of the heavy assessment is due. So when you are working, and dealing with family stress, it is easy for your whole world to feel like it is falling apart. These feelings can impact so much on your studies.

So, here I am. I am in those very weeks as I am writing this blog. I have two assignments left for my semester, however both of them are worth 50% of my grade. I also have one final exams, but I’m hoping I can knock that one down easily.

At uni, you really have the master the art of planning ahead. I think that I have done that quite well this semester… Well let’s just say a lot better than previous semesters lol. But in saying that, this week has not been easy one bit. I had some pretty major lows in the lead up to this week, and within this week. These lows can really make you feel like utter crap (I’m sure you can think of better words). So its important to not feel alone, and keep your head above it all.

I didn’t actually know until this week, that if you are finding it financially hard to get to uni or work, our student guild can provide things like temporary go-cards, or tickets to help students out. I reckon that is a pretty sweet deal!

Remember counselling is available on campus all throughout the year, and they can help out with social issues, financial issues, welfare advice, you name it they can probably do it! Especially when times have been rough in my university career, I have had to call upon the counsellors. They are really down-to-earth and supportive. They can even help with getting an examination put back a bit, or to get an extension on an assignment. The best thing they can do is help with planning: planning finances, uni schedules and so much more.

Even if you are in highschool, or primary, maybe even university, or you are currently working full-time, planning really is a life skill. We have to plan for the good, plan for the bad, and yes the most difficult of them all, plan for the unexpected. It is not easy, but remember these tips and you’ll be at the finish line in no time.

  1. Keep a diary – your phone is really good, because it is always with you.
  2. Begin all assessments at least four weeks before they are due…. (Just hold on as I write that one down)….
  3. Don’t focus all your time and effort into uni. Diversifying your time, will ensure you are busy, and that time has a greater value, because there becomes less of it.
  4. Don’t be ashamed if while switching hands you drop the whole world on the ground. Its normal for things to go wrong. It’s a part of life – QUT understands that.
  5. Reward yourself – success is an epic feeling yeah? So get amongst it by rewarding yourself.

Until next time…

The Mikerophone is off!

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    “Don’t be ashamed if while switching hands you drop the whole world on the ground. Its normal for things to go wrong. It’s a part of life” – i really love that michael, it’s so true, and really made me feel a lot better when i read your wise words. I hope your assignment went well! i’m studying for my final chem exam atm that’s worth 70%..freaking out! and i feel like such an idiot because i didn’t start studying earlier, but i’m still getting used to everything and studying a full load this semester (i only did 2 subjects last semester) and so i do kind of feel like i have dropped the world on the ground right now, but like you say, it’s part of life, so i’m just gonna try and keep on smiling 🙂

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    Haha! Well I’ve finally worked out how to comment back!! Look at me!! haha

    Naww thanks… I think my assignment went well, my reference list was insanely long…. Must admit though I’ve never had a piece of assessment that is worth greater than 50%. So I can’t really empathise with your pain. Nonetheless I can image how you would be feeling. It is something you take for granted when you are in highschool, doing 6 subjects, maybe 7, and it is all easy. I had this cocky attitude when I first came to uni, like its only four subjects/units…. haha FAIL! Hope your well…

    By the way next time you’re in the QUT Share Kitchen can you please clean it up? haha JOKES!

  3. Avatar

    hahaha i know!! i was like, 4 subjects?! pftt! that’s easy! haha oh how wrong i was lol.

    ok i’ll clean it up only if you stop eating all my chocolate! lol

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