Fun Day Trip: Gardner’s Falls

Want an exciting, new place for a swim other than the beach? Look no further than Gardner’s Falls.

As an exchange student from the United States, I have been eager to get out and explore as much as possible in and around Brisbane. Located in Maleny, just about 90 kilometers’ drive from the city, Gardner’s Falls is exactly my ideal day trip. As much as I love the beach, it’s nice to swim in fresh water for a change. Gardner’s Falls is in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, so there are beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding land on the drive to and from the swimming hole. Once you are there, it’s a perfect location to set up camp for the day with a group of friends and have a picnic while soaking in the sun. Once you’ve had enough relaxing though… You have to try out the rope swing.

I personally am a huge adrenaline junkie, so when my friend told me there was a big rope swing we could go to, I was 100% in. It completely met my expectations too! These pictures don’t do the swing the justice it deserves. You can control how much air you get depending on how high up you perch yourself to start your swing. I may love a good thrill, but I sure am not as daring as the people doing flips off the swing. I’d rather be a spectator when it comes to those crazy feats! Be very careful if you choose to attempt any tricks when you visit Gardner’s Falls.

For those who are slightly intimidated by the height of the first rope swing, don’t fret–there’s a smaller rope swing for you to try out. Of course, the picture just so happens to be showing someone doing a flip… But no need to do anything fancy! It’s exhilarating enough to just swing through the air into the water.

If you REALLY aren’t feeling the rope swings, you can simply watch from the rocks and hang out! There were also people jumping off the rocks into the water. The water is very deep and is a safe depth to jump into. Just be sure the area you’re about to jump into is clear of any other swimmers!

Family trip in Brisbane and Gold Coast!

Brisbane and Gold Coast are two famous cities for tourists from all around the world to travel. These two cities are also the ideal traveling destinations for my family. Because I had a summer vacation and they also had holiday during lunar new year period which is the biggest festival for Taiwanese, they decided to come to Australia and travel with me. Moreover, I actually haven’t been back to Taiwan for more than one year, so it’s also the special reunion for us.

Today, I would like to share you some most-visited destinations in Gold Coast and Brisbane by a special way. I edited two vlogs about our traveling and share many important or useful information for travellers. If you are going to study at QUT or studying at QUT, it may be your travel guide for exploring these two cites when you are enjoying your holidays.

The main language of the videos is Mandarin, but I have already added English subtitles on them. No matter where are you from, hope you enjoy the vlogs!

Gold Coast



If you have any interesting experience or travel tips about these two cities, please feel free to leave your comments below for assisting more students to deeply understand these amazing cities. Also, don’t forget to keep following this QUT blog and hope everyone has a great semester! 🙂

Brisbane vs Sydney: The Differences of Christmas & New Year!

There are many different ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Australia. Last time I wrote the “5 events on Christmas and New Year in Brisbane” which illustrated some interesting activities that students can enjoy freely. This time I would like to share some experience of celebrating my second Christmas and New Year in Brisbane and Sydney and some interesting differences between these two cities that I found.

Brisbane vs Sydney

I love Brisbane!

Well… Brisbane is more chilled out. Although you may feel Brisbane is more crowded in this holiday, it is still much better than Sydney’s situation. There are numerous tourists from all around the world visiting Sydney during Christmas and especially for the New Year fireworks. It may make Sydney much more crowded than other cities of Australia. For example, if you want a perfect view of fireworks, you should prepare for it as early as possible! On the other hand, it’s no problem for you to arrive South Bank two hours before the New Year Fireworks.

About Christmas and New Year Events

According to Brisbane government, there are around 400 events held in December for celebrating Christmas and New Year. However, most of the events are local. On the other hand, Sydney indeed has more international events during this period. Although there are some differences of events between these two cities, there is one same thing. People all feel relaxed, happy, and blessed in this Christmas month and New Year!

Actually many Asian countries also embrace and celebrate Christmas and New Year, but it is still a little bit different from western world. After I came to Australia, I gradually love the atmosphere of these festivals and strongly recommend all international students to join the local events to experience Australian culture more.

Finally, please feel free to leave your comment below and don’t forget to keep following this QUT blog! Also, I am here to wish everyone a better year! 🙂

Unforgettable Trip in Bruny Island

dsc07562Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

When you travel in Tasmania in winter, you will absolutely want something ”warm”. Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia and its winter is freezing. At this moment, Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs would be the perfect attraction for tourists. People can enjoy the thermal spring pools, BBQ in natural forests. Also, Newdegate Cave preserves billions years old stalactite formation and people can see the spectacular view of Earth’s history.

dsc07694 dsc07724

Bruny Island

Next, I am going to share the main topic of this blog, Bruny Island. It is similar to North Stradbroke Island that is closed to Brisbane, Bruny Island is near Tasmania’s main island and it is the place for tourists to have wilderness experience, eco-cruise exploring the stunning coastline of the island, and enjoy delicious seafood, handmade fudge, chocolate, truffles, berries, cheese, and premium quality wine. Moreover, Bruny Island is home to fur seals, fairy penguins, white wallaby and many people also come here for bird watching.

dsc07966 dsc07946

dsc07767dsc07765The Neck

It is the isthmus of land connecting north and south Bruny Island and also the most popular attraction of Bruny Island. People just need climbing up the stairs within 5 minutes and can see the breathtaking view which includes ocean, beaches, islands, and the sky.

dsc07778Give me aurora, please!

Seeing the aurora is one of our main goal of visiting this island. For achieving it, we checked the aurora forecast every day during our trip. Unfortunately, we still didn’t see the aurora in this Tasmania trip. However, Bruny Island is one of the best stargazing spots in Tasmania. The night sky is so beautiful that we almost see the galaxy. It is also the best ending of this Tasmania trip for me! Good bye Tassie!

dsc07855 dsc07865Hope you enjoy reading this blog and if you have any opinion that you want to share, please feel free to leave your comment below. Also, don’t forget to keep following this QUT blog! 🙂


Tasmania Trip #2

Last blog introduced some travel experience in Hobart and its surroundings in Tasmania. This time I will focus on sharing attractions in Launceston, the second largest city of Tasmania, and other smaller towns.

dsc06923Ross Bridge is similar to the “Richmond Bridge” that was introduced in last blog. It is the third oldest bridge still in use in Australia and was constructed by convict labourers. The bridge locates in the very picturesque and quiet town where also the scenes of famous Japanese anime movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” was set by Miyazaki Hayao in 1980s. Walking on the street and sitting near the river is the best way to embrace this attraction!

dsc07070Want something exciting?

Penny Royal Adventures is the place that family and friends can try the cliff adventures, rock climbing, and even Tamar River cruises. It is so close to Launceston that people can just visit this attraction by walking from central city. If you are the person who like outside sports, this is the destination where you would love going.


The night view of Penny Royal Adventures

dsc07169 dsc07164

Reserve again? Yes, and you will love it!

Cataract Gorge Reserve, known locally as the Gorge, is also near Launceston city and a unique natural formation. There are three hiking tracks that tourists can walk on to the Cataract Gorge Reserve. People can see the magnificent river view along the cliff face by walking on two pathways originally built in the 1890s. Trust me, this reserve is absolutely attractive for nature lovers!



People can see lots of funny jokes at every blind alley of Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot

Just bring your humour here!

Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot locates on Cradle Mountain and includes three main entertainment sections, The Mazes, The Village of Lower Crackpot, and Embassy Gardens. It has 8 mazes and also the largest maze complex in the world. People can try to escape these mazes as quickly as possible and see many funny jokes at every blind alley. Moreover, the Embassy Gardens contain sixty classic buildings from over forty countries for overseas tourists to discover. It is really touched that I unexpectedly found the traditional building of Taiwan, my home country, as well!

dsc07408Finally, there are still many lookouts or waterfalls that can’t be introduces in details in Tasmania. When we drive on the roads, we usually surprisingly found some beautiful and stunning places that are not easily searched on the internet. Tasmania is an island for tourists to explore gradually and create their own travel experience.

dsc07513 dsc07463Do you have any opinion that you want to share? Please feel free to leave your comment below and don’t forget to keep following this QUT blog! 🙂

Tasmania Trip #1

dsc06429Australia is a country where students can travel easily because of cheap airplane tickets, numerous official and industrial tourism information, and plenty of things to do in different cities or attractions. Today I will share my first travel experience in Tasmania which is also second city that I have ever been in Australia besides Brisbane.

dsc06459Where is Tasmania? Is it attractive?

Tasmania is the southernmost island state of Australia and there are almost 45% of Tasmania are reserves, national parks, and world heritage sites. Therefore, this is the perfect island for tourists who like natural environment and beautiful views.

Me and my friends decided to rent a car to travel around the whole island and it is also the most convenient transportation option in Tasmania. After you arrive at Hobart Airport, you can immediately see many car rental stores in front of the airport.

20160706_131132 20160712_202828

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is our first destination and there are numerous amazing attractions in this city. For example, Salamanca Market locates in Hobart is Tasmania’s most visited attraction where you can enjoy the delicious food, art works, or music performances.

dsc06508 dsc06496

Not just nature!

The Port Arthur Historic Site is also the famous attraction near Hobart and it was established in 1830 for punishing over a thousand of notorious convicts and became a timber station at that time. Now it is the perfect base for tourists to explore the history of Tasmania and the you can even take ferry to see this “unescapable” bay and island.


The Port Arthur Historic Site

Richmond Bridge

Wow… it is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia and also the oldest stone span bridge in this country. It was also recognized the outstanding historic attraction added to the Australian National Heritage List few years ago. Richmond town is so quiet that I even felt that time was much slower than other places. Many local family come here to have picnics, feed the ducks, or shop in several special gift or food stores.

dsc06564 dsc06594

Bay of Fires

I will personally recommend this attraction first to my friends! Bay of Fires is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Australia and also Tasmania’s most popular conservation reserves. Binalong Bay is the area’s main beach where you can walk on sugar-white sand and swim, snorkel, surf in the impossibly clear ocean. Moreover, you can go to the rock section to see the spectacular and unforgettable natural scenery.

dsc06800Do you have any experience that you want to share? Please feel free to leave comment below and don’t forget to keep following this QUT blog! I will also share other interesting travel experience in Tasmania in next blog. See you soon! 🙂


My very own Queensland travel bucket list

Many people come to Australia with their bucket lists. I followed the trend so I also created my own Queensland travel bucket list during my study journey at Brisbane ahaha!

Yet I have already ticked off a few items in my list. Hope I can gradually tick off the whole list before I graduate from QUT!

  1. Scuba diving at Great Barrier Reef. (Thanks Chiyono for the photo!)
  2. 13492930_1052827468140736_1396397365_nIdling away at Moreton Island.
  3. DSC07179 copyHop on the scenic railway at Cairns
  4. DSC09087Air ballooning at Gold Coast
  5. DSC09509 copyExplore outback Queensland
  6. Camping at Fraser Island
  7. Road tripping Queensland
  8. Rub my shoulders with the locals for the rugby battle at 1300SMILES, Townsville
  9. Lace up my boot and take a hike at Fraser Island Great Walk
  10. Sail away Whitsundays (I ticked this item off during the winter holiday!)


Day Trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I have always wanted to see a koala ever since I came to Australia. To me koala to Australia is like panda to China. As I got one day off this Wednesday, I went to the famous Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see some animals.

It’s very convenient to take public transport to Lone Pine. Route 430 can take you straight there within 1 hour. The following are some pictures of the animals I haven’t seen before.



The highlight of the day is seeing one wombat falling asleep on her back. One minute ago she was still running around while the next second she was asleep. I called this wombat ‘comedian’ because she brought so much laughter to the tourists.

When the wombat is still running around

When the wombat is still running around

Also because of Ekka holiday, you can get a free picture with koala with your own camera device for free. Thus there is a long queue of people waiting to take pictures with koala.

Altogether I spent the whole day there learning different types of animals and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you are new to Brisbane and want to see some cute animals, definitely come to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!

OMG She fell asleep on her back!

OMG She fell asleep on her back!