QUT Surfers: One of the best clubs at QUT!

After recently returning from my third surfing weekend trip in Byron Bay organised by QUT surfers, I can confidently say that the QUT Surfers club is my favorite club at QUT! If you haven’t heard, QUT Surfers is a relatively new club at QUT that aims to bring together both new and advanced surfers, organize weekend or day surfing trips and lessons, or just to socialize, chill at the beach and meet other cool people. No prior surfing experience is required to join the club so it is a great way to get out there and learn from the best. If being in the water isn’t your thing, the club is still a fantastic way to meet really cool people.

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Looking for a getaway inbetween assignments?

It has been extensively proven (by me) that concentrating exaggeratedly on something never leads to great results. Especially if that something is studying! Although is almost the end of the semester and surely each and every one of us has piled up study backlog, it is no good for anyone to accumulate excessive stress about it. So, here is my suggestion: take a day (or two) completely off and then get started with a fresh mind. There is plenty of beautiful getaways around Brisbane ,however, I do suggest you not to ignore the northern coast! Read more