ISAQ Welcoming Party

ISAQ (Indonesian Student Association of QUT) is an association for Indonesian students who study at QUT. ISAQ is also open to all other QUT students who have interests with Indonesia. This association holds events regularly.

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Growing while studying

O-week was such a good chance to talk to new students and get to know more about them, (at the same time getting the $2 lunch deal! hehe).

It’s my forth semester in QUT. As the semester started, I can’t help but to reflect on the previous semesters and realised I have encountered many new experiences and have grown a lot. I used to be quite reserved and could possibly be quiet around people I am not familiar with. But coming to Brisbane for study, I have to step out of my comfort zone to be more outgoing.

During tutorials, I would have to get involved in discussion and interact with my course mates. I used to have low confidence in public speaking. But most of my units required oral presentations and this really force me to overcome my shyness.  And during group works, I would be able to group up and work together with different people. I have learnt a lot about working together as a team and it’s always fun to listen to different point of view. It’s also nice to see how different individuals have their own working styles.

QUT is a university with students from various nationalities. There are many opportunities for me to meet friends from all across the world and learn a lot about their cultures. Studying in QUT has made me experience so much of my personal growth in just two years!

Check it out – QUT Art Museum

Is there a place on campus where you always pass by but never stop to take a look?

For me, yes! There are two places on QUT Gardens Point campus: QUT Art Museum and Old Government House.

This week when I was on my way to the library, I saw several very eye-catching posters about glass architecture outside the art museum. As someone very interested in innovation and design, I finally walked in and took a look.










The Art Museum is not very big and there are two main exhibition rooms on both left and right side. The design on shown that day is all about glass architecture. Some of them have actually been produced and sold in Australia.















Every two to three months, there will be different exhibitions. So if you are an art person or simply just want to explore more about the Gardens Point campus, QUT Art Museum is definitely a place worth visiting!

Behind QUT Navigate Conference

QUT Navigate Conference is a student-run conference focuses on global employability. I’m very lucky to be one of the student helpers for this conference. Today I’ll share with you what I learnt from this conference planning experience.

  • Teamwork makes things easier

The whole student team is consisted of 4 students studying different majors. One is good at budgeting while the other is good at designing. Also we have a student who has great relationship with industry due to her active involvement in student clubs. As a result of that, we were assigned to tasks that we are good at and started planning the conference with right away.

The whole conference planning team with our MC Marvin Fox

  • Realising my weakness and work on it

At the later stage of the conference preparation, I was asked to manage the volunteer team on the day of the conference. However, as I didn’t really have any people management experience before, I was quite anxious and didn’t perform a great job on the day. During the debriefing meeting afterwards, I realised that when assigning jobs to volunteers, I didn’t make sure that each volunteer has enough job to do. Thus on the day of the conference, some volunteers were not sure what their job is or had finished their tasks but not sure what to do next. I’ll try my best to work on my people management skills in the future as I know that’s what I need to improve.

Facilitator Lisa Lee

The conference turned out to be a success based on students’ feedback. This could not be achieved without the hard work of everyone behind the scene. I’m sure it will be even better next year!

Eight Inc. workshop with QUT students and staff

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Eight Inc. to discuss about a new project aimed at improving students’ learning experience at QUT, with both QUT staff and my fellow students.

Yaw talking about his experience as a QUT Connector

Yaw talking about his experience as a QUT Connector

Eight Inc. is a design company based in Singapore. Most of the designers are from the States. I guess QUT chose to work with this design company because of the new perspective a foreign company can bring to us.

During the whole day-workshop, lots of interesting conversation was generated among the attendees.

This workshop gives us students a lot of opportunities to talk about our ideas

This workshop gives us students a lot of opportunities to talk about our ideas

When asked about what makes QUT different from other universities, students talked about their experience of the real world focus that QUT has. For example, QUT offers students many work placement opportunities. I also talked about how QUT encourages students to take part in different programs on campus and forms a partnership with students to deliver different kinds of programs.








I’m a bit nervous at the beginning of the workshop because most of the attendees are QUT staff on a senior level and there were only five students including me. But I’m amazed at how all the staff tried to talk to us and ask our opinion on a lot of the things.

I’m glad I attended this workshop and generated some meaningful conversation with other people on how to improve students’ experience!

The End of an Incredible Chapter


This is the hardest goodbye ever!!!screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-46-38-pm

Last week I submitted my last reports (hopefully)! It felt like a release but shortly after a strange feeling hit my heart… sadness!


I would have never thought this would happen, realizing the end of an amazing experience, the end of feeling part of a big family, QUT!


I am going to miss every bit of my two years at QUT Garden Point, from the location to the classrooms, for the lecturers to the students, from the excitement moments to the stressful tears, from the arguments to the amazing friendships.

 screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-47-16-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-48-39-pm screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-47-29-pm

I am even going to miss the long hours spent at the library (silent zone) overnights and weekends! The amount of knowledge I digest in two years and the experiences the university offered to me!


All the junk food ate over amazing conversations or procrastination as we call in the academic jargon!


Today I would love to fully enjoy my freedom so long waited, but the confusion in between excitement and sadness makes it hard!

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-48-49-pm screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-48-25-pm screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-48-15-pm

Thank you QUT for all the supports and opportunities you enable me to use, If I had to do it again, I would.



QUT, I will be back and together we are going to ride a part of my life again!




Home away from home

Can’t imagine it has been almost 8 months since I am away from home. Missing my family and friends and craving for the food too much!

As the cultural diversity of Brisbane, there are always many cultural festivals happening throughout the year. This weekends Citra Malaysia cultural festival was happening in the centre of Brisbane city. Citra Malaysia is an one day festival which serves to expose and promote Malaysian Culture in Queensland.

During the day, there were a series of activities and performances line up. In the morning, participants formed into different groups to participate in Explorace within Brisbane city. The participants have different tasks to achieve at the game stations. The group that completes all the tasks with the shortest duration will be the winner.


Photo: Participants played the traditional game of Malaysia.


Photo: Participants introduced Malaysia to local.


Photo: The winner group of Explorace.

In the afternoon, the performances started at the stage outside of Queen Street Mall. The first performance was kick started by Lion Dance performance which represents the race of Chinese in Malaysia.

The following photos are Lion Dance performance.




The following photos are singing and dance performances.




Photo: Audiences were invited to go on stage to learn the dance.

The following photos are some of the Malaysia’s cultural activities for the audiences on the day.

dsc09076 dsc09075dsc09020



Photo: Malaysia map with the tourist spots and authentic food indicated.


Photo: Goodies bag with small snacks inside. It recalls my childhood memories!

Homesick can be tough for international students. This cultural festival makes me feel like Brisbane is home away from home!



The RoundUp

Hi, everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the uni break! We’ve got the latest news from QUT and Brisbane for you to read.

Become a robotics guru!

QUT is offering two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in robotics. Launch yourself into the robotic world with the Introduction to Robotics course, and if that has you hooked you can enrol in the Robotic Vision course later this year. Interested? We are!

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QUT students stand out from the crowd

QUT’s Leadership, Development and Innovation (LDI) Program is the only one of its kind in Australia!

So, what’s it all about?

The LDI Program takes students through workshops to re-think what leadership means in our rapidly changing world. Better yet, students receive awards for their level of involvement to showcase on their resume’ for future employers.

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Olympic fever!

Inspired by the Rio Olympics to explore a career in exercise and sport science?

Study human movement and exercise at QUT to learn from teaching staff who are internationally recognised for research innovations in sports performance, analysis, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

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Be uplifted by QUT’s Big Lift organisation

The QUT Big Lift is an organisation which aims to support regional communities through meaningful volunteering programs. Those involved also get to learn about rural life in Australia and gain exposure to Indigenous communities.

Are you ready to pay it forward?

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QUT International College – not just a place to study

If you want to improve your English language or academic results, QUT International College (QUTIC) offers a variety of English language programs to suit your needs.

Plus, QUTIC has a lot of support services on offer so you are never alone in your education journey!

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Kick back in South Bank

Have you been to South Bank? It is in walking distance to QUT Gardens Point via the Goodwill Bridge. Great for a study break or to catch up with friends!

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Taste testing Aussie food!

BuzzFeed shared this funny video showing Americans taste testing Australian food. We think Vegemite is delicious (tip: avoid eating straight from the jar!)

Have you tried any of these classic Aussie snacks?

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Connect with us on Weibo

Are you on Weibo?

Our wonderful Digital Ambassador, Aubrey Zhou, has been helping us update QUT’s Weibo Account. We encourage you to connect with us on Weibo, too!

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Until next time, have an awesome weekend!

The QUT Team

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