Roma Street Parkland

Have you ever wondered where to walk around and relax in Brisbane? Or do you want to hold an outdoor event in Brisbane? Or maybe you want to do volunteering work in a parkland environment in Brisbane? Well, Roma Street Parkland is the answer!

Roma Street Parkland (ref)

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CityHopper: Free Ferry Service in Brisbane

Did you know that there is a free ferry service in Brisbane? Yes, you can use a free ferry service, which name is CityHopper, if you want to travel along the Brisbane River for free. This is the only free inner-city ferry service in Brisbane. This ferry can be easily spotted by its red and white colour.


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QUT Kelvin Grove campus

Today I would like to share with you some photos of our beautiful Kelvin Grove campus.

Kelvin Grove is an inner northern suburb of Brisbane. It is located approximately 3 kilometres from CBD. It only takes around 10 minutes to travel from Gardens Point campus to Kelvin Grove campus with the frequently scheduled shuttle bus.








Kelvin Grove campus is home to the QUT International College and to students in creative industries, education and health. I am a health student so almost all of my classes are scheduled at Kelvin Grove campus.

I am one of the frequent library-goer. I used to stay at a shared-accommodation near Kelvin Grove campus so I can stay at the library until late evening and also walk to the library during weekends. I feel Kelvin Grove library is nicely designed in order to give students a very comfortable and conducive study environment.









The library is well equipped with the services and facilities for students.






There are still many other places and facilities which I didn’t manage to include in this blog post. Come QUT to explore more yourself! 🙂

The library consists of six levels. Fifth and sixth levels are the silent study zones. I like the spacious table provided there.

Outside of the window, the view you can see there is Brisbane CBD.

If you prefer open air study environment, Kelvin Grove library has designed the area with excellent view for you as well.









The area specially designed for researchers only.









I always like the view seen from the library. I can rest my eyes well after long hours staring at the computer or reading materials.

Borrow a book from the library is just so easy and convenient with the facilities provided.

There is a collection of music in store for you to borrow as well.

This is the GamesLab in the library. You can still borrow Xbox One PS4 Controllers from the Library Helpdesk to play in the room if you are keen.










A rich collection of books covered different fields at level 4.

You can also book a meeting room if you need to have a discussion with your group mates.

Right outside of the library, there is a café.

We can also easily access to the services provided by the student learning support centre at Kelvin Grove campus.

Another good thing of Kelvin Grove campus is there is a Woolworths! Woolworths (aka Woolies) is a supermarket/groceries chain at Australia.

Kelvin Grove campus also has a building for QUT health and recreation. You can find various of health clinic services in this building includes Optometry, Psychology and Counselling, Podiatry, Human Movement, Nutrition and Dietetics. If you are interested to know more about services provided my QUT medical centre, check out the link:

There is Healthstream Fitness Club in the building as well. If you want to use the facilities provided by the club, simply sign up to become the member.









Student centre is the place that you can go to get your general enquiries answered.









QUT Creative Industries Precinct is located at Kelvin Grove campus. The building is well constructed. If you are interested to know more about QUT Creative Industries Precinct, check out the link:

The following photos are some parts of Kelvin Grove campus.

There are still many other places and facilities which I didn’t manage to include in this blog post. Come QUT to explore more yourself! 🙂

QUT offering opportunities



  • ISVI (International Student volunteering Initiative) provide by Career and employment, a QUT services.
A great incentive to start your experience in the real world.
It enhance the challenges you can meet when you work for big company and teach you how to interact with people.
It also gives you a project that you should finish in a given time, however, some challenges for my own experiences unable me to present a fully finish project . In fact, we firstly faced, with my team some communications issues in between the students and also with our professional partners, and secondly we did not have the tools to accomplish the task asked. We were not the only team not able to provide a finish product. It was frustrating, however after a quick briefing from Edelia Sanchez and the organisation, we all agreed that it might have been one of the biggest challenge for this program, synchronising the student team schedule with the professionals’ schedule and communicate properly.
  • QUT ambassadors
QUT gives a chance to every students willing to take the challenges, by offering a multitude of ambassadors’ position:
  • Content creator ambassador
  • QUT International student ambassador
  • Marketing student ambassador
  • Digital International ambassador


And more… Everyone will get a chance to experience the real world does not matter if you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a PHD student.

Hop on the bus with me to regional Queensland!


Doing community work at Eidsvold with other QUT students

Last November after exam I joined QUT Big Lift for a road-trip to regional Queensland. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget.

We spent six days at Theodore, Eidsvold and Cherbourg for local community work and then spent one day at Bundaberg to see turtle lying eggs and had a surfing lesson.

Those regional towns are different from Brisbane in many aspect. First there aren’t lots of population there and the highways are usually quite empty. Second most of the young generations move to the city, leaving the older generation behind. Last but not least, there are quite a few Indigenous communities in regional Queensland.

Our volunteer projects usually consisted of 10 people and we did a lot of needs-based voluntary projects. For example, visiting local nursing houses, gardening for local residents, painting the wall for Eidsvold Showground and fixing the fences for a poetry society. As I spent 9 whole days with all the participants, I made a lot of friends after the trip and still keep in touch with them now.


Having meal with other volunteers


A relaxing afternoon at a creek









If you also want to experience regional Queensland, give back to the local community and make friends at the same time, come and hop on the Big Lift bus this November. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!


Why QUT Classic is a must-attend event for you?


What’s QUT Classic?

QUT Classic is an annual running event hosted by QUT at Gardens Point Campus. The money you pay for the registration will go to the Learning Potential Fund to support those students coming from a low-income background.

Why it’s a must-attend event for you?

  • Being more fit while contributing to the QUT community

You can choose to run 1km, 5km or 10km depending on your physical situation. Even if you haven’t been running for ages, it’s totally fine to finish it by walking. Trust me, this event is not all about running, but about being part of the QUT community and contribute to help those students coming from a low-income background.

  • Free warm-up lessons, T-shirt, food and photograph!

The early bird registration fee for QUT Classic is $15. And I feel like each cent I paid was worth it. First, I got a really cool and comfortable T-shirt. In addition to that, QUT invited professional fitness teacher to give us warm-up and cool-down classes. What’s more? I got my new Facebook profile picture as well!


  • A sense of belonging

Though this is my first year at QUT, I have already felt a sense of belonging and pride. That morning when I was wearing the QUT Classic T-shirt with my QUT Business School bag, I felt so proud that I could be a QUT student. During the event, you will also see those QUT alumnus bring their family to attend this event. This year, we also had an 89-year-old runner John coming back and finished 10k. Check out this video here of people cheering John Rigby crossing the finish line.

So come and join us next year! It will sure become a great memory for you.

Here’s a video my friend Cameron made while we’re running 5K. It’s really funny, check it out!




Hello, Brisbane & QUT!

Hi there, I am Hao from Taiwan and first I would like to thank that QUT gives me this chance to join this fantastic blogger team!

Jacaranda at New farm Park

Jacaranda at New farm Park

When Jacaranda was in blossom last year, I came to Australia for my master degree. It was also my first time here and there were many interesting questions that my friends and family in my country asked me. The most impressive one is

“Do you see kangaroos or koalas on the streets?” (lol)

Fortunately, I came here and studied in EAP course before postgraduate courses. QUT organised wonderful orientation events for international students to experience Australia various features. I really saw kangaroos and koalas in one of events at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the biggest zoo in Brisbane, but not on the streets. Haha

My first time to touch kangaroos

My first time to touch kangaroos

Moreover, I also enhanced my English a lot in EAP course and met many friends from all around the world. There are thousands of international students studying at QUT and this is why I really enjoy this learning environment and choose this university.

When I feel confused, QUT is always on my side!

After I finished my EAP course, I got lots of useful and practical information which is relevant to common or studying life and joined many fresh activities to build amazing social networks during the orientation week of new semester. These arrangements relieved my pressure before postgraduate courses  and I could focus on my postgraduate life step by step without any worry.

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Finally, thanks QUT again and if you want to read more detail stories or information about QUT, EAP course, or orientation week, you can come to my blog and read this article:

Also, please feel free to leave your comments below or follow this blog continuously! 🙂

New Farm Park Panorama in Jacaranda season