QUT Surfers: One of the best clubs at QUT!

After recently returning from my third surfing weekend trip in Byron Bay organised by QUT surfers, I can confidently say that the QUT Surfers club is my favorite club at QUT! If you haven’t heard, QUT Surfers is a relatively new club at QUT that aims to bring together both new and advanced surfers, organize weekend or day surfing trips and lessons, or just to socialize, chill at the beach and meet other cool people. No prior surfing experience is required to join the club so it is a great way to get out there and learn from the best. If being in the water isn’t your thing, the club is still a fantastic way to meet really cool people.

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Sunset Adventure to the Glass House Mountains

The semester break. Best time of the school year. Just kidding. Or not?

Most of my friends already made plans to travel or go back to their home countries while I still had no clue what to do in this two week break. Day four of staying home and doing nothing, I decided to gather some friends and go on a day hike to the Glass House Mountains, Mount Ngungun specifically, which I found after a short search on Google.

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ISAQ Welcoming Party

ISAQ (Indonesian Student Association of QUT) is an association for Indonesian students who study at QUT. ISAQ is also open to all other QUT students who have interests with Indonesia. This association holds events regularly.

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QUT Airport Reception

Did you know if you are a new international student at QUT you can use QUT Airport Reception service for free? It is one of many services that International Student Services (ISS) provides to international students at QUT. In this post I am going to share my experience of using QUT Airport Reception when I arrived in Brisbane for the first time.

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QUT Dance Showcase

I came across QUT Dance Facebook page last time and knowing that they were recruiting volunteer photographer for their upcoming showcase. I registered to volunteer as the photographer and would like to share my volunteering experience with you guys.

I went for their rehearsal and one of the showcases to take the photos.

The following photos are some of the performances during the day.

At the end of the showcase, the performers danced together and thanks the audiences for their coming.

I enjoyed watching the showcase while taking the photos. If you are interested in watching the showcase, simply like their pages to get updated. Or you can also join the society if you would like to be one of the performers! Besides, there are some free dance classes for students who are keen in learning dancing to join throughout the semester as well.



Winter Exchange in Germany

Last semester, I applied for several short term exchange programs overseas. It turns out that going abroad is less difficult than I thought because a lot of the programs are easy to get into and QUT provides great support along the way.

I applied for 5 programs last year and was admitted to 3 of them. Due to the timeframe of the programs, I picked two of them to attend this winter. After exchanging in Japan, I was off to Germany for another three weeks. I can say it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my university life.

To me, Europe is a completely unfamiliar continent and German is another completely different and hard language. But I’m glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and spent 3 weeks learning German language.

This winter program consists of four parts: German language class, business seminar (you can choose between business seminar and culture seminar), photography workshop ( other workshops on offer are cooking and dancing) and excursions.

A snapshot of International Winter University in Fulda, Germany (first week)











Overall the program is really hectic and we have things to do almost everyday.

My first impression of Germany is: it is so cold! I was very unprepared when I landed in Frankfurt and was shaking all the way to the hotel.


Point Alpha – It was so cold there























You know what? The university education in Germany is for free. Besides, there are government food subsidy to students as well. So if you eat at school canteen, it usually only costs three or four Euro.

Food in canteen only costs 3 Euro











Besides studying, the highlight of this trip is of course different fieldtrips! We went to Berlin for the whole weekend, exploring the art and history of east and west German. Then we toured these two little towns called Nuremberg and Wurzberg with castles and ancient cathedrals. At our last day, we headed to a ski resort called Rhon for sliding.

Nuremberg adventure











Berlin loves you – near Topographie Des Terrors












Mayor’s House in Fulda where our university is located












We got so excited when slidingGoGoglo

Most of the program participants are from Australia and America. For some of them who are from Brisbane and California, they have never seen snow before. Thus sliding made them really really excited.

I want to say thank you to all the people I met in this journey who made it an amazing experience for all. I’m sure some of us will meet each other somewhere in the world sooner or later. Danke!

Smoke-Free QUT!

Queensland University of Technology has taken a bold move and declared the campus smoke free! This has come into effect from 1st of July, 2016! It is a welcome move considering the health of the campus. This particularly has a huge impact on me, especially because I slightly allergic to cigarette smoke and cannot breathe when someone smokes near me.  Previously, the allocated smokers area in the Gardens Point campus was near the library and it used to be so difficult for me to cross that area. Currently, that space is temporarily converted into a beautiful lounge sort of setting where students can relax or catch up with each other. We even have bean bags over there!! QUT is currently inviting ideas from the students on what they would like to turn that particular space into!





As a gentle reminder the KG Campus entrance has stickers on the wall and the floor to remind people that the campus is smoke-free.

I look forward to the smoke free QUT experience!IMG_20160704_114846

Connecting the dots

My main campus is Kelvin Grove and I do visit Gardens Point for workshops or meetings. Luckily, QUT offers a shuttle bus service between the two campuses in Brisbane. So the other day, I was at the Gardens Point shuttle bus stop and saw the ‘Angry Birds’ movie poster. Seeing the tagline ‘why so angry?’, I smiled. It was such a cute poster. But then I went, wait a minute, I know this from somewhere. Ah! The image of my favourite villain, Joker, came into my mind and the ever crazy dialogue, ‘why so serious?’.

IMG_20160510_105914 200_s

And the first thought that crossed my mind was, ‘Well, good for you, if it had been three consecutive words, it would have been plagiarism’. And for a second I was surprised at myself. Damn, I am getting good at this. I had dropped out of my PhD in India because I thought I had to learn research skills and academic writing before I jumped into research.  We did not have TurnItIn (plagiarism software) when I was doing my studies in India around mid 2000 and the concept of plagiarism was fairly new to me. I remember being nervous about the plagiarism and academic writing when I joined QUT. There was constant support from the Faculty and Student Services regarding those skill development.  And after about 1.5 years at QUT, I guess I can safely say I have a fair grip on academic writing and research skills now.  Day-by-day nothing much changes, but when I look back so much has changed. And I am glad I chose to come here. I know I am one step closer to my goal of doing a PhD.


Joker Image Source

Being an ally!

I am from India, a country where marriage equality is still a dream for many.  Though I was always an ally for the Sexuality & Gender Diverse, Intersex and/or Questioning (SGDIQ) community, I was never sure if I could speak for someone else’s experiences. I never had to experience what they go through in their daily life and was it alright to speak about things I do not have personal experience of?

Well, coming to QUT definitely changed that. Apart from the university’s focus on equality, there are two amazing support groups for the SGDIQ students, The Queer Collective and The Pride of QUT. I was unsure if I would be welcome in the groups. Boy, how wrong I was! Both the groups have been amazingly fun and supportive. There are safe spaces in the campus where people can come in and chill. I haven’t been able to be involved in their activities as much as I would love to. There are rallies, plays, stalls at fairs, and my favourite, movie nights. The pic below is from one such movie night organised by The Pride of QUT.

the pride_movie

I absolutely admire the team leaders of both these groups. They have been so understanding, patient, and supportive with me despite my ignorance when it comes to a lot of things. And today I can confidently tell you, it is not necessary to experience injustice to actually stand up for it.


The RoundUp

Hi, everyone!

We hope you’ve had a great week at uni! If you are in between assignments, we’ve got the latest news from QUT and Brisbane for you to read.

Aussie adventures

Our friend, Hao, current QUT International student and International Digital Ambassador shares some of his experiences of Australia so far. Look out, Kangaroos ahead!

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Budgets are your friend

We understand student life can be overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to finances. To help, the team at Studies in Australia have shared a great article to give you some budgeting tips.

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Foodies, this one is for you!

Want to sample some of Sunnybank’s best cuisine? On Saturday 18 June take a self-guided tour around the Brisbane suburb renowned for its awesome Asian food. There will even be live music and entertainment.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this event, you can experience Sunnybank at any time of the year. Feel free to take us with you!

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Join one of our clubs or societies

We have many fantastic clubs and societies where you can connect with other international students from different countries, courses and of various age groups.

Our Digital Ambassador, Linette, joined the Malaysian Student Association, as well as the Yoga and Meditation club. Which ones will you choose?

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Job applications: some tips and tricks

Are you looking for work at the moment? Not sure where to start with your CV? We have found some useful information on the GradConnection website to keep you ahead of the pack.

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Have a whale of a time!

Want to try something different? Why not experience whale watching! Get up close and personal with humpback whales in their natural habitat from now through to November while aboard the ‘Eye-Spy’ ferry.

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We are on Instagram!

That’s right, you can now follow @qutinternational on Instagram for real stories from our QUT international students. So, what are you waiting for?

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Things Aussies say

If you are new to Brisbane then you might be wondering why Aussies (look, I’m doing it already!) shorten everything. Here is a quick video tutorial to help you out. See you at Maccas this arvo!

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Until next time, have an awesome weekend!

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