CityHopper: Free Ferry Service in Brisbane

Did you know that there is a free ferry service in Brisbane? Yes, you can use a free ferry service, which name is CityHopper, if you want to travel along the Brisbane River for free. This is the only free inner-city ferry service in Brisbane. This ferry can be easily spotted by its red and white colour.


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Australia’s largest Oktoberfest!


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and it has been originally started in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1810. After many decades, this festival becomes more and more popular and now there are several cities all around the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations. For example, Oktoberfest Brisbane is Australia’s largest Oktoberfest and I would like to share some interesting experience about this event today.

img_0448 img_0449


img_0459 img_0453

What is the special points of Oktoberfest?

There are more than 40,000 people participate in this event every year. People can have cultural experience of Oktoberfest Tent, singing, clapping, dance with popular Bavarian Oktoberfest Band, relax in the Munich Biergarten, and chat with friends here. Also, there are many entertainment facilities outside that family and kids can enjoy together. The most famous point of the event is that it is the great place where you can have delicious food, tasty beer, wine, and other drinks. When you drink your alcohol, you can also see the performances of traditional dancers, bell-ringers, leg-slappers and yodellers.

img_0460 img_0462

Is it Australia?

The most interesting thing for me was that most of the culture-seeking enthusiasts were all dressed in traditional German clothes and so engaged in this event. When I just came in the event area, I was even wondering if I was still in Australia or not. However, this is why I love this festival, the fantastic atmosphere, well-design performances, excellent food and drinks are all unforgettable for me. Moreover, just like Ekka, the event is held at Brisbane Showgrounds that is closed to city and QUT and it is so convenient for students to experience it.

img_0485 img_0530

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Unforgettable trip in Byron Bay & Point Danger!

20160722_061345Many students studying at QUT may choose “Gold Coast” or “Sunshine Coast” to be their travel destinations when they stay in Queensland, Australia. However, there is still a classic attraction named “Byron Bay” which is the easternmost area of Australia near two big cities, Brisbane and Gold Coast. You can see the lighthouse, national park, or even a beach which was elected as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This day, I went to Byron Bay with my QUT friends for experiencing the first sunrise of Australia and also visited the border which name is “Point Danger” between New South Wales and Queensland. Next, just enjoy the article and this trip together!



Cape Byron Lighthouse is the easternmost lighthouse of Australia and the amazing place to see the sunrise. Although the opening time of the lane to the lighthouse is 8:00, you can still enter this area by walking. Many tourists or magazines would call here as the place where you MUST visit in Australia because of its amazing view and special location that supplies the travel meaning or achievements for people. It is quite easy to understand that people always like somewhere which is the most remarkable to be their travel destination.



We departed from Brisbane at 4:00 and spent around 2 hours to Byron Bay. We checked the sunrise time was 6:30 at that day, but we still saw some beautiful colours above horizon after we arrived.

Next, of course, we moved to the lighthouse. Although it was just around 6:00, there were many people already waiting here for the sunrise. What a popular attraction!


20160722_064759 20160722_064937

Finally, we saw the sunrise successfully and I just can’t describe my feelings or emotions completely. It was so great for me and gave me lots of energy and power honestly. I just felt that I am so lucky to study in Australia. Then, we finished our trip by taking a picture with lighthouse.

Next, we went to “Point Danger”, the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, before backed to Brisbane. The most famous landmark of Point Danger is “Point Danger Light”, also known as “Captain Cook Memorial Light”. It commemorates the bicentennial of Captain Cook’s first voyage to east coast of Australia in the 18 century. Besides these historical meanings, it is also a great spot for people to go surfing, enjoy the view, or have a food to spend holidays.

20160722_083944 20160722_083522

There are some lookout points at the park next to the beach where you can see the magnificent view and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. I have been in Australian for several months and I know there are numerous gorgeous coasts or beaches in this country. However, I am still not tired of these beautiful views but try to explore more fresh and surprising spots in Australia enthusiastically.

20160722_084016 20160722_082029



Finally, if you would like to read more details or acquire more information about Byron Bay or Point Danger, my blog article may be a good choice for you: Click Here

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Adventure in Springbrook National Park!



hiking track

How can you miss national parks when you are traveling in Australia?

Springbrook National Park locates in approximate 80 km south of Brisbane and it is part of the Shield Volcano Group of the UNESCO World Heritage – listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. This national park is well known by amazing views such as waterfalls and abundant natural environments. “Glow Worms” is one of the main characteristic of this area. Tourists traveling here usually visit four main sections, including “Springbrook section”, “Natural Bridge section”, “Mount Cougal section”, and “Numinbah section”.

Moreover, there are five main lookouts that are established in these sections, including “Wunburra Lookout”, “Best of All Lookout”, “Canyon Lookout”, “Hardy’s Lookout”, and “Purling Brook Falls Lookout”.

20160722_103111 20160722_103856

This day, I went to the “Springbrook section” with my QUT friends and we visited two lookouts that are “Best of All Lookout” and “Purling Brook Falls Lookout”. The reason for choosing here as our destination is that it is relatively an easy place for people to arrive by driving. Also, the difficulty of hiking tracks is not really high and the view is yet spectacular and amazing. Therefore, not only us but also other tourists love to visit here. Next, I am going to share some travel experience to all readers!

20160722_103943 20160722_105926


The first lookout point

Purling Brook Falls” is our destination and the total length of tracks is approximate 4 km. There are many stairs and clear walking paths in the route, so I personally think it is not really hard for tourists and we spent around 2 hours to finish it in a relaxed manner. Also, there are three to four lookout points for visitors to enjoy the views.

You can just arrive at the first lookout within 2 minutes after you enter the track. Actually every lookout of this section surrounds Purling Brook Falls and the route is from the top to the bottom and back again for tourists to enjoy the different view from different viewpoints.

20160722_110952WOW!!! It is the base of “Purling Brook Falls”, our destination, with the rainbow view and the falls’ height is more than 100 metres! It was a little hard to express my feelings and emotions in languages at that time, but I am so sure it is definitely extraordinary and beautiful!

There is a small suspension bridge next to the base of waterfall and it means you will walk on the final part of the track after passing through it. It is time to go back to the top! The photo of waterfall below is the final image of waterfall shot at the last lookout point. It was totally different view but still spectacular.


Next, we went to “Best of All Lookout” for seeing the view of south east area of Queensland, Australia. It was a funny name for me before I visited here because it sounds “overconfident”, but the view is quite amazing and unforgettable after I saw it and you can even see the “Byron Bay”.


The panorama of Best of All Lookout

20160722_110835After visiting Best of All Lookout, we just finished our one-day trip and went back to Brisbane city. There are too many awesome national parks in Australia waiting for our exploring. If I visit other Australia’s national parks in the future, I will continuously write down my experience in this blog. Thanks for your reading!

Finally, if you would like to read more details or acquire more information about Springbrook National Park, my blog article may be a good choice for you: Click Here

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O Week at QUT!

Monday 18 July marked the start of O week and the start of a new semester! It is good to be back to QUT after few weeks break. There are some new changes in the university during the break. One of the changes is QUT is now a smoke-free university. It is nice to see the university priorities students’ health and safety to start this smoke-free university policy and transform the smoking area. The smoking area has now been transformed to this:


Best part of the transformation in my opinion is bean bags are provided. Students can now chill around with friends during lunch time or when they have break in between lectures or tutorials.



Many clubs set up their booths during O week. It is the perfect opportunity for students to join some clubs, social events and expand their social networks. Many freebies and special deal were provided by the clubs!



One of the reasons I love O week is lunch deal! Students are able to enjoy lunch that costs only $2 and also live performance on the lawn!

Some of the attractions during O week:


Rock climbing activity.


This is also one of the attractions in university. Students are able to touch or take pictures with the snake!

Don’t worry if you miss out O week! Market week is next week (Week 1 of the semester) and be sure to check it out 🙂

My thoughts on the incoming Co-Curricular Record at QUT


Ever since the beginning of this year, I have been hearing people talking about QUT going to launch a Co-Curricular Pilot Record Program. That is to say, at the end of the year, you will not only receive an academic transcript listing your GPA, but also a record of your extra-curricular hours/involvement at QUT.

The reason behind this is to encourage more students to get involved with university activities and help them communicate the value of their skills and experiences to employers.

Personally I think this is a really cool idea because more students will have the incentive to take part in university activities and develop their skills. As far as I know, there are quite a few students who come to uni only for lectures and then go straight home for lacking a sense of belonging. I’m sure with the adoption of this program, more students will start participating in campus events or joining different programs.

For me I will definitely check this program out and share with you later!




International student interview: Andy Loke


AndyImage: QUT International student, Andy Loke

Where are you from?

  • Singapore

How long have you been in Brisbane?

  • Since February 2016

What course are you studying?

  • Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

How do you find being a part of QUT?

  • I enjoy the campus life here and also expose myself to different learning experience compared to Singapore

What do you like to do during your leisure time?

  • I am passionate in portrait photography and I cycle around Brisbane to explore the city and the suburbs

What is your favorite quote?

  • “You have never really lived until you have found something to die for.”


Battle of the Campuses.

“Which is better? Gardens Point Campus or Kelvin Grove Campus?”

Every year, I would come across meeting freshman students, either asking me “what’s the difference between both Gardens Point (GP) Campus or Kelvin Grove (KG) Campus?” or “THERE’S ANOTHER CAMPUS?!?!”.

Let me break it down to you guys the difference between both and lets see which do you think is more awesome:

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The Coffee Experience: Australian Edition


Ordering coffee is not as easy as it seems...

I need coffeeAustralia is well known for its coffee culture. Add that to being a university student, and the chances of you drinking coffee while studying at QUT are quite high. In fact, there are about 6 different places on QUT Garden’s Point campus where you can get a quick caffeine fix.

When I first moved here to start my degree, I learned the hard way that ordering coffee here is usually not the same as back home. For instance, my coffee of choice is black, which is sometimes known as an Americano in some countries. The first time I tried ordering black coffee here, I was met with blank stares from the barista. This is how the conversation went:

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Hakuna Matata.

I finally got to go see the Lion King show with other fellow blogger Iman and it was awesome! I mean, after watching the show for the fourth time. Yes, the fourth time. Well, long story short. I accidentally watched the show when I was in Disneyland Paris in French, English and French again. And now, in English again.. well back to the story. Read more