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The prominent getaway destination for Brisbane people; North Stradbroke. One of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen is on this huge island. Although I only had the chance to explore the northern coast of this island, it already gave me the best view. Queensland really does offer you irreplaceable moments in life.

It’s amazingly sooo easy to go to this paradise from Brisbane. Just take the train to Cleveland (an hour more less train ride), and go to the pier to take the ferry. Everything is on google and this official website . They have student prices for the ferry too 😀 and within the island they have shuttle buses that take you here and there.

The video might explain well how the island is really good for a day or even two days getaway; however you like it. I’m actually planning on going camping there before I graduate uni. Whoever is keen feel free to comment down below :]

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Go traveling in North Stradbroke Island with international students!

20160313_120923_Richtone(HDR)When you discuss Brisbane with your friends, “Gold Coast” and “Sunshine Coast” may be a part of your conversations. However, there are still many amazing beaches, coasts, or even islands near Brisbane. North Stradbroke Island, also known as Straddie, locates 30 km southeast of Brisbane, Queensland and it is the second largest sand island in the world.


Next, I am going to share some interesting stories and my travel experience in this island with my friends from Shanghai (China), Hong Kong, and Japan!

Point Lookout is the most famous and popular area in this island where you can enjoy amazing views and natural environments, beautiful beaches, water activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and delicious food at special restaurants. Sometimes you can also meet wild kangaroos jumping on the streets surprisingly!


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20160312_154728This is my favourite spot of North Stradbroke Island, South Gorge. You can easily find this classic attraction from various travel magazines or books. Besides the excellent water quality and beach, you can also enjoy the amazing land form surrounding here. Please make sure you don’t have other schedules after visiting here because you will not want to leave.

Moreover, we unexpectedly saw a wedding held at this place which was just like movie scenes that I have watched!

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The longest beach of Straddie, Main Beach, locates near South Gorge. Compare with Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, it is more natural and not packed for you!



Next, we went to “The North Gorge Walk” next to South Gorge. Although it sounds like a tough hiking path, the total length is just 1 km and everyone can walk on this path to see the magnificent views and ocean easily.

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When you walk on the route of The North Gorge Walk, you can see “North Gorge Point Lookout”, the super famous landmark of North Stradbroke Island where you can also enjoy the spectacular view of our amazing earth.

20160313_164339I travelled with friends from different countries this time, but I am wondering if you can really recognise where we are from by this picture? haha


Amity Point is the second large tourism area of Straddie where you can go camping, fishing and see wild koalas and dolphins. Therefore, it supplies different spaces for tourists who have different hobbies. Moreover, Australian families prefer to visit this area rather than others because it is more convenient and safer for kids playing here.



Then, we just enjoyed our last time with these kids and finished our two-day trip. North Stradbroke Island is a really comfortable island for tourists to explore and relax. If I have free time, I will still choose this island for traveling in the future! Thanks for the wonderful travel memory here and your reading!


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