Graduation for International Students: The Workshop

Yeay! Some of us are graduating!

QUT provided the international graduating students with a workshop on the last week of September 2018. For those of you who missed it, here are some information provided in the two-hour session. It’s so simple!

  • You can view your graduation details on HiQ > Study Tab > Graduation where the website provided steps to follow for graduation registration, dates, official documents and qualifications, information for international students and others. [did you know that your family and friends can live stream your graduation if they can’t make it? The option’s also in the tab!]
  • Check your eligibility. Visit your faculty to confirm you are on track to graduate, clear all sanctions, advanced standing should have been applied, correct majors, cross institutional credit should have also been applied- make sure you are potentially complete!
  • Update all personal details online before 30 November 2018. Just go to Personal Profile where you can update your name, mailing address, external/ personal email, phone number in your country. Make sure your details are right, particularly your name- it’s going to be printed that way!
  • Ceremony registration will be open on November 19 to December 5 2018.
  • Graduation invitation for Visa for family members. You can email ASKQUT for this. Include in your email: who the letter is required for, the country where they are traveling from, and travel dates.
  • Collection of parchments, to be collected after December 18 2018. This is the legal document you get after graduation.
    o Third Party Authorisation [TPA] form must be submitted online or at HiQ on campus, if needed.
    o Email ASKQUT before December 5 2018 asking for collection by nominated person listed on TPA form [only if needed]. When third person comes to collect, nominated person must bring a photo ID
    o Parchment should be verified; can be done at the ceremony or at HiQ after the ceremony. It is free of charge. This is needed for visa and immigration purposes.
  • On the day of graduation, arrive early; two hours before ceremony. The graduation gown is an open one, make sure you wear a nice outfit!
  • If you are studying on a student visa, it is important that you:
    o Make sure your address details are correct in HiQ
    o Check your passport and visa label [if applicable] or e-visa print out to review visa’s expiry date OR check the Visa Entitlement Verification Online [VEVO system in the Dept of Home Affairs (DHA) website]. If required, apply for a new visa before your current visa expires.

Further information? Go to QUT HiQ.

Officially Graduating!

When I first arrived Australia in July 2015, I literally had no idea what to expect. Studying in Australia was a prompt decision but my impression of Australia back then was limited to kangaroos, koalas and surfing.

The first day in Australia have left me with a vivid memory. I was new to this country and couldn’t even communicate properly in English while trying to open a new account at a local Commonwealth bank.

Things started to get better after joining student clubs, volunteering as a student mentor and talking to people in the class. Now looking back at the past 2.5 years at QUT, I don’t think I have any regrets! I made good use of all the resources at QUT and met incredibly nice people that I look up to.

I went on 3 short-term exchanges, attended 1 conference as a QUT delegate and went for 2 international travels just by myself.

Exchange to Japan @ Sonoda Women’s University

The beautiful winter spent @ Fulda, Germany
















At the beginning of this month, the grades of the final two subjects was released and that’s when I finally felt graduation is so real and so soon.






Although there aren’t always happiness and success while studying overseas, especially when you have no family here, the 2-year study life in Australia definitely made me feel more confident and mature as a person. I feel that I’m more comfortable to work with people from different countries and have a genuine interest in the world.

However, due to internship commitment, I won’t be able to attend my graduation ceremony. In spite of that, I don’t feel so bad because I enjoyed every second whilst living in Australia. The process itself means celebration for me!

“Graduation is a time of completion, of finishing, of an ending, however, it is also a time of celebration of achievement and a beginning for the new graduate.” 

                                                                   Catherine Pulsifer 

All the best to my fellow students who are also graduating this semester! I wish you a bright future ahead!

Attending the International Student Farewell Party With Friends

It is getting closer and closer to the graduation. Last Friday, QUT International Student Services organised a farewell party for graduating international students with performance, games and food.






It was hosted in the newly renovated OJ Wordsworth room which is located on the top of S block with a stunning view over the Brisbane river.

The turnout was really good. Nearly 70 students showed up and everybody seemed to enjoy the entertainment and food.




QUT Dance Society brought us a live dance show.







QUT Aca-demics  showed us how beautiful pure vocal could be!


I met a lot of familiar faces there including classmates and friends to ISS staffs whom I worked with previously. We talked a lot about our plans after graduation. Some of my friends already have a job lined up after graduation while others are still looking.

In the past two years, not only did I learn from class, I also learnt a lot from my friends who showed me what perseverance, hardworking and never giving up means. One of my friends worked in Shanghai for almost seven years before coming here for further study to get a career change. In China, there are not a lot of mature age students because the society pressure you a lot to make a complete new start especially after turning 30.  During her days in Brisbane, she joined a lot of activities on campus, volunteered and maintained a good GPA. She really inspired me.

Another friend of mine was actively seeking for jobs for almost one year with no success, but he was determined to not give up. At the end of the this semester, a small accounting firmed asked accounting students from QUT to send them video resumes. My friend took this opportunity and sent a a great video which stood out from all the applications. He got the job eventually which is well-deserved!

Me with my friends who are in the same course with me.












Another group photos with old and new friends. We all studied accounting and are graduating this semester!













Getting the mentor awards was actually a surprise for me. I still remembered that in the first year I volunteered for International Student Services during the orientation and met so many like-minded people.




















Now looking back, I actually did a lot while at QUT besides studying. I’m also pretty sure that some of my friends will turn out to be very successful because they demonstrated  really good traits whilst studying. My friends, thank you so much for teaching me through your own examples and I will work hard just like you guys do!