5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Cairns

Cairns is absolutely one of the most famous Australia cities. Students may have many chances to visit this amazing city. However, where should we go?

Except for “Great Barrier Reef”, there are still many excellent places where tourists should visit. Today, I will list 5 top tourist attractions in Cairns and also share my travel experience to you.

1. Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

Well, it’s actually Cairns’ South Bank (lol). This attraction has an artificial swimming pool next to the ocean and a large parkland for people to have BBQs, exercise, enjoy the sunshine, and so on. When you visit Cairns, it’s the place you would like!

2. Cairns Night Markets

How can we miss delicious food when we are travelling? Cairns Night Markets is the biggest night markets in this city where you can find creative products, numerous famous restaurants and yummy food. When you feel hungry in Cairns, come here!

3. Cairns Central Shopping Centre

Shopping is also the popular thing that tourists love to do. Cairns Central Shopping Centre locates next to Cairns train station and is quite closed to city centre. It includes many kinds of stores which usually provide discounts. If you wan to find somewhere to buy something back, this shopping centre is your good choice!
4. Kuranda

It’s a really special village that includes several cultures, music performances, beautiful views, and markets. The most popular way to explore this area is taking Scenic Railway and Cableway to see the breath-taking natural environment. Also, there are many delicious food, clothing shops, aboriginal culture experiences, and even zoos in this place. Kuranda is definitely an attraction which has multiple tourism values that can satisfy every kind of tourists!

5. Cairns Art Gallery

If you are a person who loves art and understanding local developments of art, this art gallery is probably your best choice. It exhibits several historical, Aboriginal, and modern art works regularly. What’s the better thing? It’s totally free!

Which one is your favourite one? Feel free to leave your comment below!
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Go Nature!

I am definitely not a sporty type of people before I came abroad to study at QUT. Hiking or bush walking are never my things for recreational activities back then.

Brisbane and Gold Coast are the wonderful places for hikers because there are many amazing hiking trails surrounding for people to explore. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join a few hiking day trips organized by my friends to occupy the holidays. I am totally falling in love with hiking since then.

Springbrook Mountain is the first mountain I climbed with my friends. It is about 45 minutes from Gold Coast – in the hinterland. The hiking trail is not that tough so I would recommend for beginner hikers.

Photo: Starting point of the hiking trail.


Photo: The view from one of the lookout point at Springbrook Mountain.


Photo: Some place to tour around along the way.


Photo: Spectacular waterfall view along the hiking trail.


Photo: I can still feel the serenity there from looking at the photo.


Killarney Glen waterhole is famous and popular because the waterhole is in a heart-shaped. It is also located at Gold Coast Hinterland. The uphill is pretty steep on the way back from the water hole to the car park so be prepared it will be a slightly tough and tiring trail. However, it doesn’t take long time to walk so don’t get frightened off!

Photo: You can jump into the water hole if you are adventurous enough! However please be cautious for doing that because the safety concern is raised recently.


Photo: Other than waterhole, you can also jump into the creek beside the waterhole to swim.


Photo: Alternatively, you can choose to walk along the rocky path. Warning: It is a tough path! However it is good for foot massage!


Mount Warning is the most adventurous and tiring hiking trail I have experienced so far because it is not just walking up the hill. You really have to climb up the hill! I recommend to train the fitness a bit first before hiking this mountain. It is a mountain in the Tweed Range in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, was formed from a volcanic plug of the now-gone Tweed Volcano.

Photo: Sunset in winter is earlier so plan your day well before start the hike. Don’t forget to pack some energy food with you!


Photo: The breathtaking view from the peak.


Photo: Dangerous action by a dude.


Mount Mitchell is located in the Main Range which is about 100 kilometres west of Brisbane and immediately south of Cunninghams Gap. It is a twin-peaked volcanic mountain with an elevation above sea level of 1,168 metres.

The difficulty level is not high for hikers but the view is also breathtaking.



Nature is astonishing. Can’t wait for more hiking and bush walking trips to come in the future!