Volunteering for 2017 QUT Exchange Fair

Are you thinking about going for an exchange? If one-semester is too long or too expensive for you, maybe you can join a short-term exchange program for 2-4 weeks.

At the end of last year, I completed a short term exchange program in Japan for three weeks. It was an unforgettable experience for me where I met lots of friends and sharpened my Japanese language skills. As this program is so good and I hope more students can know about it, today I volunteered for 2017 QUT Exchange Fair.

This event was held in Kelvin Grove campus because the Young University Summit was happening in Gardens Point campus at the same time. The stalls were arranged according to different countries. There were more than 20 stalls at the event with exchange student representatives at each stall.











I was volunteering for the short-term exchange program stall. A lot of students showed up to ask about what short-term exchanges are and how could they participate. I noticed that many students are interested in Japan and UK.

I came across my friend Jodie when volunteering who attended the exchange program in Sonoda Women’s College with me together last year and she offered to help out at the stall. Thanks, Jodie!











We had a good time sharing with students our experience in Japan and encouraged them to apply either for academic study or professional development purpose.































If you are interested in  going abroad to study for a short period, definitely go and check out this QUT website: https://qutvirtual2.qut.edu.au/ismms-core/outboundStp/listUpcoming

You can find the detailed information of each program, the application due date and program start date.











Good luck and have fun!

3 reasons I chose QUT

Reading articles on various topics is one of the things I do during my leisure time. I couldn’t help but notice many of the authors love to start off their titles with a number, such as “20 things You Should Do in Your 20’s” or maybe even dramatic ones like “10 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die”. Therefore, I would like to have a take on this type of posts too.

This isn’t a dramatic post, but I will give you 3 reasons on why I chose QUT as my tertiary institution. Trust me, choosing a university is not an easy task as it is the stepping stone to a career. I had a hard time choosing one for myself 2 years, or to be more exact 19 months ago.

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