Day Trip to Mt Cootha

Finally, my exam week came to an end and now it is time to have a bit of fun!

I had a friend coming from Melbourne to visit me straight after exam and we just did a day trip to Mt Cootha which turned out to be quite successful.

Here are three reasons why Mt Cootha is a perfect place for a day trip:

1.Botanic Gardens is located right at the foot of the mountain

A highly recommended way to enjoy Mt Cootha is to take a bus to the Botanic Gardens and then hike up to the summit after a nice tour at the beautiful gardens.









It took me around one hour to enjoy the whole Botanic Gardens. Some of the highlights include: Tropical dome, Japanese garden, Bonsai exhibition and a lake with blooming lotus.





















2. It’s a nice work-out all the way up to the mountain

The trail we took all the way up to the summit is called crocodile trail which is perfect for a casual hike. Along the way, you will see a beautiful lake and pretty much stay cool as the trees on both sides are tall and leafy.





















3.The view at the top of the mountain is amazing

My friend agreed with me that the view overlooking the whole Brisbane city area is amazing and breath-taking. The fun thing about hiking is that you will always get to see a great view after making some effort.

There are two cafes on the summit but you can also choose to have a picnic there if you want to have a day trip on a budget. 













My day ended with a nice picnic along with the gentle breeze at the mountain top. If you go there next time, please have fun and take lots of pictures!


International student interview: Riley Jia Xin Lim

Image: QUT international student, Riley Jia Xin Lim. Image taken at Southbank, Brisbane.

Where are you from?

  • Malaysia

How long have you been in Brisbane?

  • Since June 2015

What course are you studying?

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Film, Television and New Media Production

How do you find being a part of QUT?

  • It’s great to be immersed in the multicultural atmosphere in QUT and also Brisbane which offers a lot of opportunities for international students to experience different cultural events organised by different clubs around the campus.

What do you like to do during your leisure time?

  • Watching movies, TV series and gaming.

What is your favorite quote?

  • You never try, you never know.

CityHopper: Free Ferry Service in Brisbane

Did you know that there is a free ferry service in Brisbane? Yes, you can use a free ferry service, which name is CityHopper, if you want to travel along the Brisbane River for free. This is the only free inner-city ferry service in Brisbane. This ferry can be easily spotted by its red and white colour.


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ISAQ Welcoming Party

ISAQ (Indonesian Student Association of QUT) is an association for Indonesian students who study at QUT. ISAQ is also open to all other QUT students who have interests with Indonesia. This association holds events regularly.

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Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival in Brisbane

The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival is organised by a non-for-profit organisation aiming at promoting Chinese films and boosting cultural exchange. It is held annually in major Australian cities during the Chinese Spring Festival.







This year in Brisbane, Australian Chinese Youth Association hosted this event and there were 6 films open to public in Griffith Film School. I was very excited to hear about this event and went to see the movies 2 days in a row.






One the first day of the film festival, The Song of Cotton team came to meet and greet the audience. Before the screening of the movie, the director also held a workshop on film-making for all the film lovers.

The films showed during the festival covered a range of genres and explores different social problems. The Song of Cottons talks about the ageing of Mr. Sheng, the story between him and his young nanny. The Summer Is Gone shows the audience the struggle a family faced when China ended its state-owned company period and lots of companies became private owned and stable jobs no longer existed.

Film The Summer Is Gone

Black and White Film








For those Chinese Film fans, don’t miss out this event next year!

Happy New Year!

I love the festive season. I went to the lighting of Christmas tree at King George Square in Brisbane city with friends.

Before they started the lighting of the Christmas tree, there were some Christmas carols singing performances on the stage!

Finally Santa Claus was coming right before the moment of lighting up the Christmas tree!

Brisbane City Hall and the Christmas tree with the confetti. The moment when the lighting of Christmas tree was on like magical. It was so pretty!

Brisbane City is donned with the Christmas decorations. I can feel the Christmas spirit while walking around Brisbane City.

Brisbane is so happening and fun during this festive season. There were also many other free activities and events for the whole family happening at Brisbane. You can easily find yourself occupied if you are keen.

Wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Brisbane City Hall & Museum of Brisbane

I spent one of my afternoon at Museum of Brisbane and enjoyed hanging around there very much.

Museum of Brisbane is located on top of Brisbane City Hall.

The beautiful Brisbane City Hall in the early morning during winter.


The charming Brisbane City Hall when the night falls.


You can join the free tours if you are interested!


If you would like to receive more information about the exhibition at Museum of Brisbane, check out the website:


The day when I visited Museum of Brisbane, there have the exhibitions of 100% Brisbane and INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and also the collection of Story Bridge.



The following photos are some of the interiors at Museum of Brisbane.


Some fun facts from a day in the life of Brisbane I know through the exhibition.  








I had a sniff of the scents of the city at the Museum of Brisbane. It smells so nice!


You can also listen to a Brisbane story at Museum of Brisbane if you are keen to know more!


Following are some interesting stuff I got to see from the exhibitions on that day.dsc00016 dsc00015 dsc00018

The shop is full of cool stuff!


I learnt so much every time when I visited there. And haven’t I mentioned it is free for entrance right? 😉

QUT offering opportunities



  • ISVI (International Student volunteering Initiative) provide by Career and employment, a QUT services.
A great incentive to start your experience in the real world.
It enhance the challenges you can meet when you work for big company and teach you how to interact with people.
It also gives you a project that you should finish in a given time, however, some challenges for my own experiences unable me to present a fully finish project . In fact, we firstly faced, with my team some communications issues in between the students and also with our professional partners, and secondly we did not have the tools to accomplish the task asked. We were not the only team not able to provide a finish product. It was frustrating, however after a quick briefing from Edelia Sanchez and the organisation, we all agreed that it might have been one of the biggest challenge for this program, synchronising the student team schedule with the professionals’ schedule and communicate properly.
  • QUT ambassadors
QUT gives a chance to every students willing to take the challenges, by offering a multitude of ambassadors’ position:
  • Content creator ambassador
  • QUT International student ambassador
  • Marketing student ambassador
  • Digital International ambassador


And more… Everyone will get a chance to experience the real world does not matter if you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a PHD student.

Places for good city view lookout

Want to have a good lookout for Brisbane city? Here are 2 places to recommend to you.

1) Kangaroo Point Cliff

Kangaroo Point Cliff is located opposite to QUT Gardens Point. It is easily accessible by public transports. You can go there for jogging, bbq, rock climbing, cycling or just simply have a seat and enjoy the scenery there!





2) Mount Coot-tha lookout

Mount Coot-tha lookout is located not far away from Brisbane city. It only takes you around 30 minutes to go from city to there. Just a reminder for those who are going by bus that the bus running between city and Mount Coot-tha doesn’t operate during night hours so don’t plan to go for a night view lookout.




The day I went was quite gloomy. So do check the weather before you go if you expect to have nice photos with clear blue sky from there. And the another good thing is we can access free wifi to Brisbane council at there. If you are not on budget, there are restaurants and cafes there for you to have a good meal while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. If you are on budget like me, it also feels good to just pack your own lunch to there and enjoy the view.

After the scenery lookout at the peak, you can take bus down to the botanic gardens to stroll and laze.

Before strolling at the botanic gardens, you can visit The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. It is pretty fascinating inside and the entrance is free. Hooray!


Rose lovers won’t feel like leaving there!


A good place to relax and clear your mind.


Japanese garden. You can enjoy the serenity there.


Holiday Fever.

The semester break is here! I just thought I would share with you all places you could visit or things you could do during the break: Read more