Current bloggers


Aubrey Zhou

Aubrey applied to become a Digital Ambassador with QUT because she wants to see other international students becoming more engaged with the QUT community. As well as studying her Masters, Aubrey volunteers her time to help events such as QUT’s O-Week.


Aurora Rivera

Aurora represents our Latin American student group, moving from her home town of Mexico to study a Master of Strategic Advertising here at QUT. Aurora’s current subjects tie in well with her role as Digital Ambassador. Aurora finds herself at QUT after following her dream of studying abroad, it took a lot of work (and a lot of savings!) but she’s made it and couldn’t be happier.


Hao Chang

Hao is a keen blogger who has been sharing his own blog articles for many years. Hao is currently studying a Master of Business (Marketing), and is a self-confessed social media whiz. He is also a talented artist and had previously worked at an art studio in Taiwan.


Ishrath Irshadeen

Ishrath joins us in her first year of study of a Bachelor of Science. She is looking forward to sharing her undergraduate experience with everyone (with a touch of humour along the way!) She said it’s important for other first year students to not stress out when university can seem so daunting.


Linette Phang

Linette is passionate about photography and videography and is looking forward to sharing her experiences as an international student this way. Linette is from Malaysia and is in her first year of a Master of Optometry. Linette was blogging on our Student Life in Brisbane blog last year too so it’s great to have her back again!


Myn Tong

Myn is in her second year of a Bachelor of Business. Since moving to Brisbane, Myn has enjoyed exploring all the city has to offer and wants to help other international students do the same. Myn loves sharing her experiences of life in Australia on social media.