Choosing accommodation Part II

As promised in my previous blog post on choosing accommodation, here I am with a follow-up post.

Regardless of how much time and thought we put into choosing our respective abodes, we always end up compromising on something. The trick is to identify your deal-breakers and your perks – feel free to compromise on your perks.

For example, if you would like to be near a supermarket or shopping centre for convenient shopping, but being near public transport is crucial to you, then it’s alright if you settle for a place that has a bus-stop right outside your house, and the bus takes you to a supermarket in 15 minutes.

Consider the size of the room you would like – space is not major factor for me, but I have friends who cannot stand to be in a small room.

Consider natural light – I have visited many student share houses and other accommodation where the rooms are sold at a cheaper price because there is very little sunlight in the room or no sunlight at all! This is a deal breaker for me as I need natural light to function. My previous room had no windows in it and I suffered a lot because of that.

Think about your surroundings if you can afford to – would you like living in an apartment-style accommodation or a house surrounded by a small garden?

Last, but definitely not least, consider the lease terms before you sign the lease. If possible, send it over to an attorney-at-law and get it checked, especially if the jargon is hard to navigate.

Student accommodation agencies vary in flexibility and this is evident in their different lease terms. Carefully read the house rules and any other specifications put in your lease. Some accommodation agencies can be very strict; some do not permit any alcoholic drinks on the premises at any time, have strict rules on visitors and sometimes even on internet usage.

I have had to let go of many places that I liked because their rule on internet usage was that it could only be used for study purposes and not entertainment – everyone loves an occasional movie, right?

I hope you find satisfactory accommodation through your house-hunting ventures! Don’t forget to get in touch with QUT accommodation service for help and advice on accommodation and housing!

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It’s just some of the awesome research happening at QUT!

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Explore Brisbane’s art galleries

Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) hosts many exciting art installations. The current one, Sugar Spin, features over 250 artworks exploring light, space, architecture, and the senses.The exhibition is free.

A fun place to visit while you’re exploring South Bank in Brisbane!

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University isn’t just about studying, you will also have time to socialise and get involved in student life.

QUT offers a variety of sport clubs and social teams for you to meet people from all over the world in a relaxed setting!


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The best news though? It is the only program of its kind in Australia!

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Choosing accomodation

Having never been to Australia before, I was not pleased to know QUT did not have on-campus accommodation because it seemed every other university within my knowledge had on-campus housing for students.

However, QUT does have an Accommodation Service that helps you with settling down, and it’s free! So make use of it, because they provide you with reliable information regarding which realty agents to use and help you find a property within your budget. They may also assist you with going on inspection rounds to visit different property until you find something satisfactory.



On choosing accommodation here’s a few points for consideration:

  • Firstly, set a budget. A reasonable budget for weekly rent would be between $150-$250. A room for less than $150 is rather difficult to find and if you do find one, it’s often not worth the price. Work out your weekly pay, or if your parents are sponsoring you talk to them, and set out an appropriate budget. I’d advise you to have some degree of flexibility over this as it is rare to find a room we like for the exact price we want
  • See as MANY houses as possible before settling on one. There is no rush! Please see lots of property before settling down
  • Consider things other than just your room: what amenities does the weekly rent cover? How long does it take to get to uni? How far is the nearest public transport and how frequently do buses/trains arrive? Where is the nearest supermarket or grocery shop? Is the house in a remote/isolated area?
  • The housemates – who are they and where are they from? Do they speak English? Is it a single-sex or mixed house? How many housemates do you have? Does anyone smoke/drink and are you OK with this?
  • Carefully consider if you need a single/shared room. If your budget is super tight and you need a room for less than $150 a week, you may have better luck finding a shared room. If your budget is not constrained, I would HIGHLY recommend a single room. From personal experience, I implore you to meet your roommate BEFORE you sign the lease and talk to them. Set some ground rules – ask if they have any conditions that you must comply with, set your own conditions. DO NOT MOVE IN BEFORE MEETING YOUR ROOMMATE if it’s a shared room
  • Try and get a 6-month lease, because personalities clash sometimes and breaking the lease is expensive. Your loss will be less if your lease term is shorter.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone. If you would like to talk to another international student and chat with them about their accommodation experiences, contact QUT and ask them if they can put you through.

I promise to follow up on another post with more accommodation advice for you guys. Happy house-hunting!

Tips when looking for accommodation

giphy (1)

“I will be coming to QUT this semester and I need a suitable accommodation for my stay in Brisbane!!!! HELPPPPPPPP!!!”

I was really worried about finding a place to stay before coming to QUT to study. It’s important to find a place which is convenient to get to university and nearby public transport so you can get around easily. Here are some tips when looking for accommodation!

giphy (2)

Research! As you will not be here physically, you will need to rely on Google and do research online. Do this earlier and not leave it till last minute! Research area or suburbs which are near to QUT. If you intend to stay somewhere within walking distance to university, you could choose to stay in the city or South Bank. There are some students accommodation available nearby such as UniLodge, Iglu and Urbanest. You can also opt to stay in Kelvin Grove. It’s convenient as QUT provides free shuttle bus to assist students who which to travel within Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point.

Do some research, set a budget on how much you want to spend on accommodation and the area or suburb you intend to stay. This will help you narrow down your choices and save time as you can search for accommodation more efficiently! This make your accommodation lookout easier and you don’t have to waste your time looking at a large number of options which are not suitable.

Here are some helpful links when looking for accommodation:

You could also visit QUT website to search for rental accommodation:

Join the closed Facebook group as well as students will post about rental accommodation: QUT HOUSE SHARE / ROOM RENT / INFO

Find out about accommodation services advice by QUT:


Find out the public transportation nearby! If you intend to stay somewhere which you will be using public transport, it is important to find out about the nearby public transport!

Download the Google Maps and Translink applications to find out how to get around from your choice of accommodation. Make sure there are public transport nearby your place and it’s convenient to get to university! These applications are useful as you could find out the distance to the bus stop or train station, how to get around to your destination in the shortest time and plan your journey!

Find out what’s nearby your accommodation. Research to look out for nearby restaurants and grocery marts as well!


Don’t worry if you are here all alone and have trouble with your accommodation. Seek QUT for counselling services and they will be really helpful! One of my friends just got here alone and had some issue with her rental accommodation. She got help with the international office in QUT (X Block) and they helped her to look for new accommodation. They were really nice and provided assistance despite the last minute notice given by my friend!

giphy (3)

Good luck looking for accommodation! 🙂



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Until next time, have an awesome weekend!

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Brisbane Bus Life

Brisbane Bus LifeIt’s not like this is my first time using public transportation. But, this is my first time experiencing what I’ve seen in public transportation in Brisbane. People actually say ‘Thank you’ to the driver every time they get off from the bus. I know this is just a simple and small thing, but, for me this is what matter. It shows how people in Brisbane appreciate each other, show that they really care and being grateful. I’ve been living in Indonesia for my whole life and sometimes I travel to other country like China, Hongkong, and Singapore. Still not much, but this is what I found so different and special from Australia, especially Brisbane. It gives me warm feeling every time I see people saying ‘thank you’ to the driver, even though sometimes there are some people who don’t say it. You don’t have to save the world to show people that you care. Just by saying a simple ‘thank you’ you can make someone’s day!

So, have you say ‘thank you’ to your bus driver today? 🙂

How I went from a Sharehouse to a Home (Part 2)

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From left: The face that I have on all the time in this house, Kerem (our friendly butler who went back to his mothership in Amsterdan), Filzah (the girl who randomly invites strangers to live with her) and Edna (thank god for her).

From left: The face that I have on all the time in this house, Kerem (our friendly butler who went back to his mothership in Amsterdan), Filzah (the girl who randomly invites strangers to live with her) and Edna (thank god for her).

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