Chanoknan Paladsang – Thailand

Chanoknan Paladsang (aka Frame) is 24 years old and graduated in 2016 from the University of Khonkaen, Thailand, with a bachelor degree in Science of Chemistry. Before getting her bachelor degree, she got a scholarship for an internship in Vietnam for 4 months. Currently, Frame is studying for a Master’s degree in International Business. She can also speak three languages, Thai, English, and Vietnamese and she loves travelling and learning about different cultures, languages and food. Frame came to Australia to follow her childhood dream of studying for a Master’s degree. She loves Australia, the Brisbane lifestyle and studying for her degree. Frame is very excited to share her experience on the blog.

Minh Ha Nguyen – Vietnam

Ha is from Hanoi, Vietnam and is studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing at QUT. She is a 2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador who wishes to pursue a future career in tourism and event management. She has a great passion for participating in social activities, experiencing the diversity of different cultures and sharing her views with others. A chilled walk with river breezes on a sunny day is one of her most favourite things about Brisbane. She hopes she can tell her own stories through this blog to other fellow and future students who desire to explore the university life at QUT and Brisbane.

Jie (Nicole) Mei – China

Nicole is studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Electrical Engineering but she cannot be defined as an engineer only. She is passionate about public speaking, socialising with people, and learning new skills. She loves taking photos of all the places she have visited and she hopes to share her stories through these photos and inspire her readers to experience cool things and create great memories while staying in Brisbane. She believes that her experience in Brisbane creates a better version of herself and she is keen to share her experience with you. If Nicole is not behind a camera, then she must be telling her stories somewhere.

Ka Yan Cheung – Hong Kong

Growing up in Hong Kong, Ka Yan was blessed with the opportunity and scholarship to study her Bachelor Degree in Creative Industries (major in media and communication) at QUT. Ka Yan likes to communicate with different people and listen to their stories, she dreams of being an entertainment news reporter. Ka Yan has a wide range of hobbies, she likes to see exhibitions in a quiet museum, but she also likes sports activities and electronic music festival. She wants to experience all the cool things, visit all the beautiful places in Brisbane, and share her stories with you.

Kasun Kalhara – Sri Lanka

Kasun is an aircraft lover who studies Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Robotics, Mechanical, Software and Electrical Engineering. He is a motivational speaker and a passionate public speaker. Kasun believes altruism is always the first while egoism comes the second. He works at various positions in different local, national and international organisations. One of his two favourite places in the world is the cockpit while other being the podium. He likes flying 24/7 for 365 days and travelling all over the world. Kasun is a sky-dreamer and his dream started in  Brisbane. According to Kasun, Brisbane is one of the most affluent cities in Australia for living, studying and working. Brisbane is a very multicultural city and a perfect destination for international students to drive their destiny. Kasun is looking forward to welcoming you with him to wherever he goes.