The Sunshine State

There are so many things that make me love Queensland!

  1. The weather. Yep, the weather in Queensland is warm even during winter! Queensland is mostly warm and sunny throughout the year. 
  2. The beaches. Queensland offers many beautiful beaches for students like me to explore during study break.  I recently got back from Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast and Broadbeach, Gold Coast. It was actually sunny enough that I could take a dip in the water during winter and not freeze! 
  3. Outdoor activities. Bushwalking, hiking, fishing, walking along the river bank. There are so many outdoor activities over here and I can’t wait to get out from my house whenever I have the opportunity to explore the state.There are many national parks for bush walking and hiking such as Mount Tamborine and Springbrook. Most of the national parks include picnic area and barbeque pit which allow you to chill and enjoy the nature over a meal!

  1. The people! Bus drivers, baristas, waiting staff, ticket salesperson – they are all so friendly 🙂

Can’t wait to add more to the list!

Fun during the busy season!

Times passes too quickly! It’s week 9! Good thing the students have a long weekend due to the public holiday. During the break, a few of my friends and I head to Gold Coast for a getaway to de-stress from the assignments and mid semester examinations. It was a short holiday, but enough to take my mind off studies and just relax and find rest.

It’s great that Gold Coast is just an hour drive away. It is also easily accessible and convenient even though you do not have a car. You can easily get to Gold Coast by train!

The beaches there are really beautiful. These pictures are taken when we went to Broadbeach. The weather was great. It was sunny and the weather is not too cold though winter is coming. Walking along the beach with such a beautiful view and the sound of waves crashing could help you to escape stress.

One of my favorite activities in Australia – catching the amazing sunset.Despite the busy assignment period, it is good to be away from studies and just chill. Manage your time wisely so you can have time for both fun and studies.

Here are some tips and advice from QUT on time management:

Growing while studying

O-week was such a good chance to talk to new students and get to know more about them, (at the same time getting the $2 lunch deal! hehe).

It’s my forth semester in QUT. As the semester started, I can’t help but to reflect on the previous semesters and realised I have encountered many new experiences and have grown a lot. I used to be quite reserved and could possibly be quiet around people I am not familiar with. But coming to Brisbane for study, I have to step out of my comfort zone to be more outgoing.

During tutorials, I would have to get involved in discussion and interact with my course mates. I used to have low confidence in public speaking. But most of my units required oral presentations and this really force me to overcome my shyness.  And during group works, I would be able to group up and work together with different people. I have learnt a lot about working together as a team and it’s always fun to listen to different point of view. It’s also nice to see how different individuals have their own working styles.

QUT is a university with students from various nationalities. There are many opportunities for me to meet friends from all across the world and learn a lot about their cultures. Studying in QUT has made me experience so much of my personal growth in just two years!


The semester is starting in less than a month?!!! That’s fast, where did the time go? It feels like yesterday where the holiday started. My friends and I have been trying to have fun and travel around before the start of the stressful period. Last week, we went for a road trip to see the sunflowers at the Sunflower Route.

We drove along the road from Warwick to Allora and were welcomed by sunflowers. However, some of the sunflowers were not blooming. Nevertheless, it was a nice drive with a nice view.

Smiling brightly!

We went there in the evening to catch the sunset as well (too lazy to wake up early for the sunrise :P) and it was beautiful! It was fun travelling around and discovering the beauty of Queensland.



Sparkling Christmas in Brisbane!

Hey all! Happy New Year. Hope you guys have had a wonderful holidays and break. It’s great to have a long break since Christmas to get recharge before the start of the year! I had an awesome start by going around the neighbourhood with some friends to visit some houses decorated with beautiful Christmas lights!

We did our research to find out and have a list of houses which decorated their place with Christmas lights! There are many houses on the list, but we narrow down our choices and mainly focus on the ones in Jindalee. Here are some of the pictures!

It’s nice to see how cooperative the whole neighbourhood is as all houses on the street were decorated with Christmas lights! We were amazed by the decorations and the effort they put in to decorate the house. Some houses are really creative with their decorations and they really pay attention to the small details. These houses are really worth visiting! Don’t miss out next Christmas!


De-stress with Puppies and Pancakes!

During the exam period, QUT helps to make studying better with Puppies and Pancakes to help student combat the exam stress.


Pancakes were served during that day. Ice creams were given out as well which is perfect as it was scorching hot. Students could help themselves with some drinks and coffee too! These are perfect for students who are taking a break from studying. Tips on how to de-stress during exam period: Go outside for fresh air and desserts!



Ping pong table, balls pit and massage service were available as well on that day! Another tip to handle stress: Exercise and it will help to clear your mind. It would help in greater focus and concentration!


And this is the best part of the day!!! You could actually pat these animals!!! These are the most wonderful way to relieve stress. They help to take our minds of our studies for a while.


Find out Yi Fen’s exchange experience


Hi guys. This is Yi Fen from Malaysia. She is one of the friends that I met here and gotten close with. She is from University Tengku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia and spent a semester here in Queensland University Technology for exchange. Recently, I managed to have a talk with her about her exchange experience here.

Q: Why did you choose Queensland University Technology for your exchange?

A: It was part of the options to choose from and Brisbane has nice weather. They also had an education program which is what I major in.

Q: What were the differences between the education system here and back in Malaysia?

A: The education system here is different as compared to back home. over here in QUT, students just go to class that they are enrolled for, whereas back home you go to class with your intake so the people in class are almost always the same. Therefore, over here, I am able to meet with different students from different intake and even from another faculty.


Q: What did you learn from this exchange?

A: I learnt a lot about time management in order to plan my journey using public transport. I learnt to be more open while speaking to strangers because the people here are friendly and always engaging in conversations.


Q: How were the friends you met throughout this exchange?

A: They came from many different parts of the world with their own experiences to share. Most of them were very adventurous, wanting to explore Brisbane as much as I did. We went star gazing, Ekka, climbed up a tree house for the first time, experienced Riverfire, went fishing for the first time and visited the Parliament.


Student exchange experiences


Hi guys! This is Vicky (Wen-yi Lin). She is from Taiwan and studies Bachelor of Business, major in International Business in Tamkang University (TKU) in Taipei. She got to Brisbane last year July. She participated in the exchange program from her university and spent a year here in QUT. She will be returning to Taiwan mid of this year. Here are some of the questions I have asked to find out about her exchange experience in Brisbane!

Q: One word to sum up your exchange in QUT?

A: Life-changing

Q: What are the best experience or highlight for your one year exchange to Australia?

A: Traveling alone to Adelaide and Perth

Q:  3 things you will miss most in Brisbane?

A; My friends, friendly people, and the food

Q: What will you miss the most in QUT?

A: The resourceful library

Q: How do you spend your free time over here?

A: Wandering around Brisbane with friends

Q: What do you gain from this exchange?

A: I learnt a lot about myself and how to be independent in this year. And also my ability to speak/read/write English has improved.

Find out whether could you apply to exchange or study part of your degree over here at QUT: 


Hey guys! Riverfire is an annualQUT S fireworks show, to wrap up the end of the Brisbane Festival.


To secure good spots for the spectacular fireworks show, my friends and I went to South Bank around 3. We thought we were early, but when we arrived the place is already quite packed and busy. Many people are already there camping to get the best view of the fireworks. As you can see in the picture, some came prepared with tents!


We had like five hours before the start of the fireworks show. We came prepared with board games and snacks! The five hours actually passed really quickly!


There are a few aircraft performance before the commencement of Riverfire.


The show lasted around 15 to 20 minutes. Even though it is my second time watching the Riverfire, the firework show still amazed me and I really enjoyed it. The night sky is filled with pretty and colourful fireworks. The long wait paid off as we managed to get a good spot with awesome view!


Such a beautiful night. Don’t miss out this event next year! 🙂


Attractions with amazing views!

Queensland has so much to offer and during the weekends or holidays, I enjoy travelling around for one day trip with friends. It has many destinations that offer spectacular views. These are some of the places that I have visited and really enjoyed these amazing views.

  1. Mt. Coot-tha


Mt. Coot-tha offers a breath taking view of Brisbane CBD. If you are interested in bush walking, you could actually explore Mt. Coot-tha Forest. My friends and I drove to Gap Creek Road, Mt. Coot-tha and we hiked from Mt. Coot-tha Forest to Mt. Coot-tha Lookout. The hike took more than an one hour but it was worth it as the view is amazing during the day. After that, we hiked down to JC Slaughter and had picnic there! There are picnic tables and BBQ pits at the picnic area! I will definitely visit Mt. Coot-tha again and this time for the night view.

2. Glasshouse Mountains Lookout Circuit


These are some pictures taken from the lookout. I really like the mountains view from the lookout point as it is so beautiful that it seems like a drawing! It was surreal lookout view that my friends and I stayed around an hour enjoying the view! On the way to Glasshouse Mountain, you will enjoy a scenic drive of pine forests on both your left and ride sides! There is a cafe nearby or you can enjoy BBQ as pits are provided. I love how most of the attractions here in Queensland are equipped with BBQ pits. Visitors can spend their day chilling and have good food at the same time!

3. Montville, Sunshine Coast

13461107_10153707354652379_531672241_o (1)



Montville is a small town in Sunshine Coast and the drive to this town has such amazing view. I really like the town as it is unusual and has many quaint buildings and houses. There are restaurants and small shops that sell artistic and quirky crafts. It is worth a visit to this small yet unique town.