About Aurora

Has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and is currently studying her Master of Strategic Advertising at QUT. She loves travelling, dancing and eating cheesecake and has diagnosed herself that suffer ornithophobia (abnormal and irrational fear of birds)

Running errands and raising laughs!

I go to Queen Street Farmers market every Wednesday because the fruits and veggies I found there are fresher, and most important, cheaper!

You can find very diverse food from different nations like German bakery, Spanish paella, Turkish fudge, caramel macadamias, smoked salmon, berries, organic honey, Himalayan salt, flower bouquets, smoothies and juices, apple pies, delicious desserts, among others!

When my friend Chloe had a German sausage for lunch I regretted instantly having a late-heavy breakfast; I did not have room for it. You will understand as you see the size of it in the image.

Every week you can find different discounts and surprises at the Jan Power’s Market; according to the harvesting season. Today I found that the regular place where I do my shopping, which by the way accepts card payment (even if it is just $5.00 AUD) had randomly and without a particular reason, hanged images of fugitives from justice.


And the cashiers were disguised as a cowboy and an Indian, like Old West Hollywood movies. Two months ago they were working with superheroes costumes. I don’t exactly understand why I was just amused by it!


While I finished my route I found a pair of youths performing and entertaining the environment with varied melodies from which I could recognise “Hey Jude” and “Bare Necessities” from the Jungle Book.

If you are looking to quit the routine or just you need to make your errands; Wednesday market might be able to save few dollars and maybe raise a laugh.

Matcha in a piece of Art!

• a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing
• a collection of songs or musical compositions issued in one album.

Anthology Coffee (my definition)
• a selection of the best blends choices and pieces of art-look-alike- brunches that satisfy your palate and warm your heart.

I went to Anthology Coffee to reward myself for finishing my first Master’s semester in Australia. My friend Maggie and I hadn´t seen each other for a month (yes… assignments) so, she told me she knew a great place to have waffles in Brisbane city and catch up.

She had a latte with soy milk, I preferred a cappuccino but both chose Matcha Waffles: Passionfruit Curd/Strawberry Coulis /Mango Sorbet /$15.50 AU (Trust me totally worth it).

For those who might not know (as myself), Matcha literally means powdered tea, and it is used in Japanese tea ceremonies and it can be incorporated into meals and as a flavouring for sweets.

I´ve read that a whole tea leaves of Matcha contain three times as much caffeine than a cup of steeped tea, and some people affirm that it produces an “alert calm” due to a natural substance it contains called l-theanine, which induces relaxation without somnolence.

Some people describe Matcha’s flavour as grass or spinach-like, because of this sometimes it is sweetened to improve its flavour.

All in all… the Waffles were beautifully decorated, accompanied with petals, berries and nuts. It was s a piece of art.

Matcha Waffles

We have a saying at Mexico: Full Stomach, happy heart!
But I think Maggie’s expression pretty much represents the same meaning!

Maggie heaven

Queensland Experience: CONTEST

Best Semester Abroad 2016 competition was launched on 29 April 2016 at QUT Gardens Point.

If you are from Mexico, Chile, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines Thailand, Italy or Spain and over 18 years old you might be interested in this information.
20 people from 10 countries (2 of each country) will be selected to study in Australia for 5 months either in Brisbane, Cairns or the Gold Coast, YOU CHOOSE! Including flights, accommodation, tuition and holidays experiences.
On the top of that 5 of the 20 winners will win $30,000 AUD towards a university degree in Queensland.
This competition is conducted by the State of Queensland and the Study Queensland brand which is managed by the International Education and Training Unit (IETU). This project aims to give 20 international students a chance to live, enjoy and study in Queensland for one semester to boost the state’s profile of a world-class education.
The prize is sponsored by the Queensland Government and other 26 sponsors including QUT, OF COURSE!
How to participate?
CREATE YOUR PROFILE – Selecting which Institution you would want to study at
MAKE A VIDEO- explaining why Queensland is your next step.

How to win?
Prepared to be INTERVIEWED by the judging panel
The competition close at 11:59 pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 (Australian Eastern Time) HURRY UP!!!
For more information about eligibility and how to participate visit: http://www.bestsemesterabroad.com.au/