Five amazing things to do in Brisbane!

Hi guys, my name is Cynthia and I’m from Mexico. I would like to give you some great tips on how to enjoy Brisbane for free, because studying abroad isn’t only classes and assignments, right?

A Mexican says: “The current will take any shrimp that falls asleep”.
Which means: Don’t miss an opportunity, it might never come back.

As a student sometimes, it can be hard to plan and/or decide where to go, especially when you want to save money. It’s true that the “best things in life are free”, so let me introduce to you my top 5.

1. Shopping

Visit the City Centre. Are you a shopping lover, but your budget is in crisis? “no worries”, as we say in Mexico; “you can always do window shopping”, and there are some arts and cultural events.  I really enjoy going for a walk whilst listening to the street musicians, I even found a group doing yoga in the middle of the mall.

City Centre: Yoga

2. Discover Brisbane by ferry

Take a journey on a CityHopper.  It is one of the river transport services for commuters, and the best part about this, it’s free! You can travel across Brisbane River, and get off to swim in South Bank Parklands or you could even have a BBQ at Kangaroo Point Cliffs! I highly recommend this activity! I enjoy it a lot because it makes me feel like I am in a romantic movie due to the sunsets and beautiful scenery of Brisbane River. Being on a CityHopper brightens my mood and I know that it can brighten yours too! I always take it when I want to travel from place to place across the Brisbane River. You can find more information about the ferry services and timetables on the Brisbane City Council website.

South Bank Parklands

Brisbane River

3. Cultural experience

Visit QUT art museum at Garden Point campus or enjoy the marvellous botanical gardens, while you learn about Australian culture. You can also reach for the starts by visiting the Sir Planetarium Museum if you would like to know more about his astronomical work. I really enjoyed the outstanding performance of the Cosmic Skydome.

Botanic Gardens – Sir Planetarium Museum

4. Look out for great discounts

QUTIC (QUT International College) offers students discount packages to visit the beautiful beaches at the Gold coast or Sunshine coast. Ok, this option is not for free, but it is a great opportunity to take advantage of these amazing discounts and you might meet some new friends. Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast is very beautiful. You can also find some shopping centres and great restaurants! When on the beach remember to always swim in the safe zone, inside the yellow and red flags.

Gold Coast

5. Free entertainment

If you feel like winding down and want to practice your listening skills, then you should visit the Brisbane Powerhouse. If you love comedy as much as me, you should go to this fantastic place where you can experience free comedy every Friday. I went there because I love jokes! It was a good opportunity to practice my listening skills as a foreigner in a fun way.

Brisbane Powerhouse

QUT Honours Program

Me presenting my final thesis of the second semester

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is an achievement, but graduating with Honours have its own satisfaction and benefits. QUT offers a program where students are able to do a year of research in their final year, supervised by a notable lecturers of their own choice (well some, in the end it gets competitive to choose your own lecturer). Lecturers with past research experiences provide a relatable topic to the industry and we are able to explore further.

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International Student News

You’re welcome at QUT!

It’s not too late to accept your offer for Semester 1 this year. Please note the key dates below.

  • If you’re applying from outside Australia (offshore):
    acceptances must be received before Monday 11 February
  • If you’re applying from within Australia (onshore):
    acceptances must be received before Monday 18 February

Other important dates

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A Trip to The World of Avocados

Hi guys, it’s Ha and today I will share with you guys one of my favourite volunteering experiences in Brisbane – a trip to Blackbutt Avocado Festival with QUT Big Lift a few months ago.

On a beautiful Friday afternoon in September, we hopped on a bus to go to Blackbutt, leaving our busy university lives behind. This was the first time I’ve ever been on a trip with a group of brand new friends since I came to Australia, so it was very special and exciting for me. Here are some highlights of the trip:

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Sydney gets better the second time

Especially in the beginning of summer.

I felt lucky, with time and prodigious boundary size of mine dragged me to be able to explore. I mean, everywhere in Australia clearly is not a cheap destination compared to my travels to local cities in Indonesia. But there I was, graduating soon enough and I’m going to explore the city one last time in a while.

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Are you ready? O-Week at QUT

After a 36 hour flight from Europe to Australia, would you rather go to uni or stay at your home sleeping all day? I went to uni because it was the O-Week (Orientation week). Yes, QUT’s O – Week, the week where you meet your friends again and make new friends.

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#Countdown to QUT

Check out the new #CountdownToQUT website where you can follow six current international students as they share useful tips each week to prepare you for your journey to university life. If you have a question, you can ask our students!  We look forward to welcoming you to the QUT community.

Be at the frontier of International Education

Queensland International Student Advisory Panel (QISAP) is an initiative under the International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016-2026.  QISAP is comprised of international student panelists representing different nationalities, gender, levels of study, and regions of Queensland to harness the diversity of the international student voice.

QISAP Panelists will be mainly involved in local international student engagement and organisation of the Queensland International Student Leaders Forum. In addition, they are involved in different advisory schemes related to International Education in Queensland.

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