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Shakas adventure tour: North Stradbroke Island

Each time I’m asked about what is my second favourite hobby,  word travel comes to my mind.

I have been to several countries before moving to Brisbane: UK, USA, New Zealand and Mongolia. As I finished my last trip before packing up to go to Australia from New Zealand, I realised that the islands and the ocean are my favourite destinations. Most of the pictures that I have taken during these trips are of beaches and shorelines from different cities and countries.

After settling down in my new home in Brisbane six months ago, I was checking the  Brisbane travel guide book every night before going to sleep. Luckily, I came across the Shakas adventure tour and decided to go to North Stradbroke Island.

Shakas adventure tour is a small local tour guide company which focus on organising trips to  North Stradbroke Island. Timmy Cooper, the owner of the business, is a very easy going Aussie from New South Wales. Unlike most of the tour companies, my friend Timmy always drives his seven-seater van to pick up travellers from the city to the island. During the trip to  North Stradbroke Island, he didn’t just talk about the sites to visit but he talked about the sea culture of Brisbane and the history of the Island. Whilst driving on the island, we discovered various wildlife and took lots of photos.  According to the schedule, my trip was meant to end at 4 pm, but it was extended until 5 pm because we visited several beaches that not many people knew about.

The cost of the trip was pretty affordable for young travellers like me, especially when you receive a 20 per cent discount if you are recommended by former clients.  Words can not express this wonderful experience travelling on Timmy’s tours. If you want to get further information, check Timmy’s facebook  page

By the way, Timmy and his team are opening several new tour options, so check these out.


William comes from Guangzhou China, loves travelling, sports and meeting with friends from different cultural backgrounds. He likes a bit of an adventure, experience new things, as well as writing and reading etc. He is a hardworking and motivated person who wants to share his own stories and experience about studying and living in Brisbane.

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