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Colombian Independence Day

Hola amigos!

Thumbs up if you are from Colombia!  the 20th of July was Colombia’s Independence day and as a part of the Latin community in Brisbane, I went there to have a good time and speak a little bit of Spanish, Lol.

Do you know that Colombian independence began due to a  flower vase?  There was a plan made by some Colombian patriots to ask for a flower vase to the Spanish merchant Joaquin Gonzalez Llorente. As he refused to give them the flower vase, the Patriots faced the Spanish by protesting on the streets claiming that this action was rude. Therefore, that day Colombia was decreed in freedom from Spain. If you are interested in Colombian history just click here for more information. 

For these reasons, the Colombian community create this space to celebrate their independence as a part of their traditional culture here in Brisbane. In this celebration, they welcome not only the Latin community but also other countries here in Brisbane. For them, this is a multicultural event where all people can join them and find out more about their traditions.

This was a free event hosted by Latin House Inc. The event took place in Brisbane square (in front of the Casino). The Festival was amazing because we could enjoy live Colombian music, Latin shows, traditional food and also the best Colombian coffee!

I went with a Colombian friend. It was nice to share the experience with a Colombian since it makes you understand their culture better and discover things that you will never know even reading history books.

One of the greatest things about living in Brisbane is the opportunity to meet people from different countries, talking to them and experiencing their culture.

In Latin culture, we do like parties, music, food and dance! This festival was a really good choice if you want to know more about the Latin community and on this event the Colombian community.


Cynthia is from Mexico and has a strong belief that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. In Mexico, she studied International Marketing, and had the opportunity to work as a theatre actress. However, she decided to pursue her dream of being a film-maker studying at QUT Creative Industries. With a creative personality, Latin perspective and sense of humour her purpose in this blog is to share her experience of Brisbane through QUT.

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