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How to survive winter in Australia on a small budget

Well, folks, you’d probably felt it lately. The chilly, gusty wind sweeping past your face as you find yourself wrapped up in a sweater- or even a windbreaker. That’s right, winter is coming. Some of you may find difficulties dealing with the cold especially when you come from tropical countries like myself. Fret not, here are some tips that may be useful for you when it comes to surviving through winter- and under a budget!

Layers of clothes

You don’t have to get expensive winter jackets to keep you warm! Shops like Uniqlo and those in the Direct Factory Outlets Brisbane offer a huge variety of winter clothes that you can get under your budget! Currently, the Bonds outlet at DFO Brisbane are selling hoodies, trackies, and pullovers for just $25, isn’t that a great deal? Be sure to look out for winter sales and grab your necessities for an awesome price.

Hot beverages and snacks

Winter is the best time for you to stock up on hot beverages and snacks as these will help to keep you warm at home. Besides, it’s about to be the holiday season for University students, so why not have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while watching Netflix in bed? Ps. An average price of a packet of hot chocolate is about $4 at Woolworths, and it can last you for almost a month (depending on your daily consumption).



This will ensure that your floor does not get too chilly. Besides, they can help to trap heat inside your room and create a cozy and comforting vibe. Try Ikea, Carpet Call Floor Centre or Fantastic Furniture for reasonably priced rugs.



Did you know that you can get tickets for only $5.50 at the South Bank cinema on Tuesdays, and $6.50 if you watch any movie over the weekends?  Winter is the perfect time to hit the cinema with your squad and get cosy in your seats while watching the latest blockbuster!

Optional: Electric Blankets

These are useful if you want to keep yourself extra warm at night. They are available in stores like Big W and Kmart and are sold at a good price. Eg. A fitted Electric Blanket for a single bed costs you $22 at Kmart.



Known to her peers and family as a happy go lucky girl, Nicola loves to spread positive vibes and explore new places of interests during her free time. Coming from Singapore, a tropical island city, Nicola loves to hang out at the beach to take a dip or hit the books. She has a strong passion for dance and hopes to inspire others through this art form. She also hopes to share with fellow students a more comprehensive knowledge on the beauty of the Queensland state, as well as school life here amidst the hustle and bustle of the Brisbane city.

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