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Home away from home – QUTIC edition

Some of you may be wondering if it is worth studying at QUT International College (QUTIC) when considering to study in Brisbane. For me, this is the best choice I’ve ever made, choosing an international college that offers a university pathway program in this beautiful city. Why did I feel this way? Well, QUTIC is like a second family to me, somewhere where I feel safe and can be relaxed in a peaceful and interactive learning environment.

As students, we often develop great relationships with our teachers. They encourage us, provide us with relevant academic and well-being support, bring lots of joy and laughter to every lesson through their jokes and personal stories, the list never ends. We also have excellent educational support systems as well that are beneficial to your academic journey.

Additionally, you will get to meet so many wonderful students from all over the world and have an enhanced understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Last year, my friends and I organised a mini lunch gathering at Roma Street Parklands. We decided to extend the invitation to other fellow QUTIC students Through this, I had the opportunity to make new friends and it was interesting to hear stories about their own countries. For example, we had a good laugh when my friends from Saudi Arabia commented on how their home country doesn’t require an admission fee to visit the sand dunes as their homes were surrounded by them. There was also another time where we organised an ice-skating event for our QUTIC friends, and I really had the best time skating and laughing with my friends when we fell to the ground like dominoes. I am truly blessed to have so many QUTIC friends and I feel a sense of happiness and belonging whenever I step into the college building.

Not only that, I was given the opportunity to become a QUTIC mentor for my 2nd Semester at QUTIC. I had a wonderful time knowing my mentor peers and spending quality time with them during our mentor trip to Binna Burra. It was a truly memorable experience for me and I am glad I was able to get to know my teachers even more- they’re so friendly and welcoming! Being a QUTIC mentor involves brainstorming ideas for activities that can engage QUTIC students and better integrate them into the QUTIC family. We organised a Halloween event which will forever be etched in my mind, knowing our hard work paid off through the laughter and smiling faces of the student, this made me feel a greater connection with the school and I knew that instant that I was standing in my second home. (P.S. Lauren, the activity officer, organises various activities every month for QUTIC students to participate, be sure to check them out and get involved, it will be a blast!)

Indeed, I had a rich and fulfilling experience studying at QUTIC, not just academically, but also socially. Now that I’ve graduated from my Foundation Program and I have recently started my first year at Uni, I can’t help but think back of the good old times at QUTIC, where everything seems more relaxed and enjoyable. I miss the feeling of warmth and comfort that you’ll get once you enter the college building, I miss the smiles and giggles of both my friends and teachers, I miss my second home away from home.


Known to her peers and family as a happy go lucky girl, Nicola loves to spread positive vibes and explore new places of interests during her free time. Coming from Singapore, a tropical island city, Nicola loves to hang out at the beach to take a dip or hit the books. She has a strong passion for dance and hopes to inspire others through this art form. She also hopes to share with fellow students a more comprehensive knowledge on the beauty of the Queensland state, as well as school life here amidst the hustle and bustle of the Brisbane city.

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