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Five things you must do when visiting Surfers Paradise

The Gold Coast is a very popular destination in Queensland and only one hour away from Brisbane. We are lucky as students because we can get a discounted price on public transport so that the trip will only cost you approximately $4-5. Cheap right? This means that you can go to the Gold Coast every weekend with your friends if you want. I recommend you to go to Surfers Paradise, this is both my and my friend’s favourite place. And, did you know that they have theme parks at the Gold Coast?

Here are five things you must do whilst visiting Surfers Paradise:

1. All you can eat pancakes

This is the only restaurant I have found providing all you can eat pancakes. It’s called ‘Pancakes in Paradise’. Friends who love eating pancakes, I recommend you to go here. The cost is also quite cheap, as many of the pancake dishes are only 10 dollars.


2. Hire a scooter

Too lazy to walk? Don’ t worry, Surfers has electric scooter rental places, no need for a driver license to operate.


3. Skypoint Observation Deck

This is the best destination in Surfers Paradise. You can see 360-degree views of the Gold Coast day or night. I recommend you to go at night – it’s very beautiful. The ticket is quite expensive, 25 dollars, but it’s worth the money!


4. Timezone

Timezone is a great choice if you are at Surfers with your friends. It’s bigger than Timezone in Brisbane and has more variety in games, such as VR games and Shooting Academy (using real pistols).


5. Experience the beach

It can be hard to decide which one of theĀ Gold Coast beaches you should visit – there are so many to choose from! I have visited almost every beach at the Gold Coast, but I think Surfers Paradise Beach is the best. You are also permitted to do surfing on this beach.



Jason is an international student from Indonesia. He is studying Diploma of Information Technology at QUT International College. He loves photography, travelling, and sharing his experiences. Being an international student, Jason will only be staying for a limited time in Australia, which is why he wants to explore all of Australia, including Brisbane. Jason wants to share his travelling photos with you. He also has many tips and tricks for living in Brisbane, which he hopes will help you to get comfortable living in Brisbane. His goal is that his blog posts will be useful for you.

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