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A QUT study tour to India #2

Part 2: Amazing Travel Destinations

India has always been famous for many beautiful sights. From the famous Taj Mahal to the beautiful Jaipur or hectic Mumbai, there is always something going on in this multicultural country. On this trip, I was fortunate to have 3 weeks fully immersed in Mumbai’s local life, and spend the weekends exploring the bustling New Delhi, breathtaking Taj Mahal, a number of ancient caves and the lively downtown Mumbai. Here are the photos that I and my friends took on the trip, just some evidence to show how magnificent these attractions are!


Bandra–Worli Sea Link

Breathtaking Sea Link

Watch the video as we drive over the bridge

Kanheri Caves

Gateway of India Mumbai

Taj Mahal Palace

Sunset at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

New Delhi 

Qutub Minar


Taj Mahal


Part 3: A Slum Tour and The Secret of Happiness

Before coming to India, my perception of poverty was constructed around what the media had portrayed. For example, I could only imagine poor people in the slum and those who lived in poor conditions and had a low quality of life. However, upon our slum tour, I had a chance of meeting the residents there, talking to them and listening to their stories. This helped me notice and understand how happy and satisfied they actually were with their life. They took pride in their jobs, their houses, and the whole community, which was unexpected but amazing to share.

Thus, it raised a question in me: “How do people stay happy while living under such poor conditions?”

With relatively lower income to the average, the majority of low-class Indian population can still afford basic living costs (as everything in India was really cheap!) to fulfil their basic needs. Furthermore, those who lived in a slum had never experienced living in a good-quality housing option as we might do in a different cultural context, so their expectations may just be different. It seems like most of the times it is about adjusting our expectations to be happy. In reality, it was their viewpoints upon the meaning of life that brought them great delight and satisfaction of their current lives.

All in all, there are many life lessons I have learned through this amazing study tour, which I really appreciate to be given this precious opportunity. And, what I remember the most is definitely that

Life can become much more meaningful when people in the same community cherish the moments together and appreciate simple acts in everyday life!

So, don’t forget to be mindful and stay happy, as always!


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