Your ultimate guide to a fulfilling holiday at the Gold Coast #2 !

Hello once again! It’s Nicola and I am back here to share with you my new found favourite destinations at the Gold Coast. Today I’ll share the Carrara Markets and two beaches including Mermaid Beach and The Spit.

1st destination: Carrara Markets

If you’re looking to spend your weekend at the Gold Coast, be sure to make a trip to Australia’s largest permanent marketplace which boasts over 400 market stalls. There are a wide variety of stalls selling fresh produce, fashion, arts and crafts, plants, you name it. Better still, there is a pet shop where you can see some adorable puppies and a baby animal farm where you can get to pat farm animals including llamas and sheep. The Carrara Markets is open every Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm. It is definitely worth the visit if you happen to be at the Gold Coast over the weekend.


2nd destination: Mermaid Beach/ The Spit

These two pristine beaches offer breathtaking views, especially during sunrise and sunset times.  Mermaid Beach is located centrally on the Gold Coast, while The Spit is located north of Main Beach. So if you’re seeking to visit a less packed beach which is situated near Surfers Paradise, you can visit either of these two beaches or even both on the same day to have a dip into the turquoise blue water. I mean, who doesn’t fancy cooling themselves off in the sparkling ocean waters especially during summer?

These trips definitely made my days even better and it will be totally awesome if you guys have the opportunity to find time to explore these places of interests with your fellow friends.


Known to her peers and family as a happy go lucky girl, Nicola loves to spread positive vibes and explore new places of interests during her free time. Coming from Singapore, a tropical island city, Nicola loves to hang out at the beach to take a dip or hit the books. She has a strong passion for dance and hopes to inspire others through this art form. She also hopes to share with fellow students a more comprehensive knowledge on the beauty of the Queensland state, as well as school life here amidst the hustle and bustle of the Brisbane city.

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