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A quick trip to the Gold Coast

Hello folks! This is Nicola and I have recently graduated from QUTIC. The holiday bells have rung and so I managed to find some time to explore places around Queensland. I finally have the chance to share my experiences with you and I’m excited to say that this will be my first ever blog post, so I hope you will enjoy it.

Well, summer holidays are indeed coming to an end, but that does not mean you have to hit the books just yet! There is still plenty of time to cherish and make full use of your last few days before the semester starts again. Fancy going to the Gold Coast with your friends? I can absolutely recommend that. Recently, I visited several places of interest including the famous Warner Bro’s Movie World theme park, the bustling Carrara Markets, the stunning Surfers Paradise tourist destination as well as the pristine Mermaid Beach and The Spit. I certainly had a wonderful time  at all of these places, and I will be sharing with you more on the Market and the beaches in my second blog. Cheers!

1st destination: Warner Bro’s Movie World theme park

Superman Escape roller coaster

For all the movie lovers in the house, this one’s for you. From the entertaining theme park parades and shows that will leave you with unforgettable memories, to the fun family rides for those who aren’t thrill seekers. These are the most thrilling, adrenaline- fuelled rides that will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs, there is definitely something that will cater to everyone’s preference.


Theme Park parades and shows

There are several shows throughout the day. The Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 is one show not to be missed. I was captivated by the daredevil tricks that were executed in the show and I had a good laugh watching an actor acting comically in front of the audience. I absolutely recommend you to watch it, the fast and action-packed show will not disappoint. The Streets Star Parade is the highlight of the theme park where the main characters of Movie World will be dancing down the streets and you can even snap a photo with your favourite characters! I was fortunate enough to have a quick shot with my favourite character, Wonder Woman. Aquaman… Yes! You heard it! The Aquaman exhibition is currently up for a limited period of time to showcase set pieces, costumes and elaborate props from the studio set filmed on the Gold Coast. It was an amazing experience seeing these pieces in real life and I will definitely recommend you to see this exhibition for yourselves.

The Aquaman exhibition
Being an Aquawoman in the exhibition
Took a pic with my favourite superhero- Wonder Woman

Family Rides

Now, for all of you who prefer to sit back in a less hair- raising environment and enjoy some quality time with your friends, these rides are just for you. I absolutely loved the Justice League 3D ride, as it requires us to shoot at the targets using a laser blaster and it left me chuckling after hitting the targets- felt like a superhero then. I myself am a bumper car lover, so I was so thrilled to find that they had bumper cars at the Intensity Dodgems.


Thrill Rides

If you are seeking for a more adrenaline pumping experience, be sure to hop on the DC Rivals Hypercoaster. This ride is sure to have you screaming as you descend from the lair of the iconic Joker Head. The doomsday destroyer is another ride that is sure not to be missed. This ride has definitely left people with their hearts pounding as they embraced the 360 degrees turns.  Another favourite of mine is the Scooby- Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation. The special effects were spectacular, and I loved how there was a backwards drop in the middle of the ride.

Pic Cred: Flickr
Batwing Spaceshot

Overall, I think that my trip to the Movie World was an incredible experience and I definitely recommend you to spend a day with your peers at this amazing theme park.

PS: Some tips before you head down to the Movie World

  1. Go during the mid-week to avoid crowds and long queues.
  2. Bring along a hat and sunscreen especially in summer as the sun can get very hot at different times of the day.
  3. Have a heartier breakfast before going to the theme park.
  4. Check out the weather forecast before planning your trip.
  5. Last but not least, have fun and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new rides.

Watch my video from Movie world



Known to her peers and family as a happy go lucky girl, Nicola loves to spread positive vibes and explore new places of interests during her free time. Coming from Singapore, a tropical island city, Nicola loves to hang out at the beach to take a dip or hit the books. She has a strong passion for dance and hopes to inspire others through this art form. She also hopes to share with fellow students a more comprehensive knowledge on the beauty of the Queensland state, as well as school life here amidst the hustle and bustle of the Brisbane city.

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