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Visiting the land of sunflowers

Hi guys, I’m Nam from Vietnam. I have recently finished the Diploma in Engineering and I’m continuing my studies in the Faculty of Science and Engineering undertaking a degree in Electrical Engineering. During the two-week break, my family decided to visit Farm & Co, a farm in NSW which was a two-hour drive from Queensland. Plants and animals might not sound interesting, but the sunflower fields definitely took my breath away.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

At the entrance, there was a stall for fruit lovers. The cost of entry was $5 a person and free for kids under 12.

Next, we experienced the main attraction, the golden fields. Sunflowers are like friends who sign up for morning classes, they enjoy the sun. Sadly, sunflowers only bloom during the summer, from January to March.

Heaven awaits at the end of the path of sunshine. The summer shades are definitely one of the best places to rest during this summer.

Surprisingly, those trees are Macadamia trees. When eaten fresh off the tree, they taste rich and creamy, much like the inside of fresh coconuts. There are wooden pieces to crack the nuts and eat them fresh.

Macadamia nuts

Plants and animals

That’s the end of the tour! What sticks with me after going here is the peaceful atmosphere yet lively energy, creating a unique and spectacular scenery compared to the city. This break is what I needed to kick-start the new semester. Through this post, I hope to somehow inspire you to give the farms a try and enjoy your time there. See you later in the semester!


Although Nam often introduces himself as “Nam from Vietnam”, his friends call him “Namie” for some reasons. Nam is studying Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Electrical. Elon Musk, the CEO of tech companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, became a huge inspiration for young Nam to become an engineer and help solve problems around the world. For now, Nam’s interested in building websites and robots. His goals for 2019 are building a great personal website and participating in the Droid Racing Challenge hosted by QUT Robotics Club. Outside of Engineering, Nam aims to expand his comfort zone by volunteering and socializing more. If Nam’s journey resonates with you, you’ll love the stories shared through his posts.

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