Adjusting to university

Two tips on how to make new friends at QUT

It is always nervous for people to get into a new environment. I was a shy girl before coming to Australia, and now my friends think of me as an outgoing person with several friends from all over the world. Why do they think so? Let me tell you my tips!

1. Remember, everyone else is new too

First, tell yourself it’s a new place with new people. They don’t know your personality or background. It is a brand-new start, and the beginning might decide what kind of person you are going to be in the following three years. If you can make as many friends as possible at first, it will make you confident and more people will approach you.

2. Get Involved

Secondly, attend activities which are held by the university. At QUT, there are many interesting activities to welcome new students, a perfect opportunity to get to know more people. You could play different board games or enjoy some food together, be sure you will find someone with a similar interest.

Beginning is the hardest part, it will be less difficult as long as you try the two tips I mentioned. Making new friends helps you integrate into university faster. Don’t be afraid of being in a new environment, think of it as a new start, then you will be more comfortable with it!

The picture is my first week at QUT, and the activity was QUTIC Welcome BBQ Party. At they party, people sit together, played games, and enjoyed free food. This was helpful for my social life, since most of the people  around the table are my friends now! As a result, attending school’s activities is highly recommended!

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