Are you Student Excellentia?

Education is the global passport to become a global citizen. As global citizens, an indispensable part of our life-journey is the helping others. If you are a student achiever who puts a premium on others’ success, then Study Queensland Excellence Awards is all yours.

The Study Queensland Excellence Awards recognise the contributions that outstanding students, industry and alumni make to the international education and training (IET) sector, and the broader community in Queensland.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to serve the community in different aspects to meet their needs. Volunteering is what comes from one’s heart and it is more worth than employing for profit. As international students, we all wish to give our best commitment to the outside world while developing our professional skills and expanding the industrial network. Study Queensland values your efforts and recognises your academic excellence, co-curricular record, extracurricular involvement, professional engagement, leadership and community service.

There are 10 awards celebrating the achievements of individuals across Queensland’s international education sector. These awards are divided into four champion categories;

  • Student Excellence Award
  • Alumni Excellence Award
  • Industry Excellence Award
  • Student Employability Award

The awardees will be specially recognised at an awards ceremony and given honorary titles of Study Queensland Ambassadors.

A Study Queensland Excellence Award certainly is a rewarding opportunity for all other international students. This award will acknowledge the efforts of the international students to the local community and inspire the rest of the student community to empower, respect and help each other in taking Queensland to the pinnacle of global education. Your exposure to the global network as a Queensland Ambassador would be appreciated in the process of making global leaders from Queensland.  This award will ensure your advocacy across academic and career profiles is valued and motivate other current and prospective international students to lead the community by action and spread the positivity all over.

As one of the important aspects in our education-employment-service system is giving back more and expecting less, this award will encourage the fellow passionate student leaders to be motivational leaders and become a human of value to the society.

If you are interested in applying, please keep your eyes on Study Queensland Awards.

“Study here. Go Anywhere”

PS: Take your ‘global passport’ with you. Haven’t got one yet? You will get one when you embrace the greatness of Queensland.

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