CISA in Cairns

The 8th CISA National Conference 2018 was held in Cairns from 25th to 28th June 2018. The National Conference is the biggest conference of international students in Australia. In essence, there were over 250 international student delegates and industry professionals, making it the biggest international student conference Australia wide. This year’s CISA National Conference was themed as ‘Overcoming Barriers’ to acknowledge the issues faced by international students in Australia. International student leaders, as well as various industry leaders, were collaborating in Cairns to find solutions to these problems and concerns together.

The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) was founded in 2010, since then CISA was the peak representative body of the international students in Australia advocating their interests and needs and contributing towards their prosperity in Australia. CISA puts a premium on multiculturalism and gives priority to the engagement of international students underpinning the workplace exploitation issues, welfare considerations, academic and career development of past, present, and prospective international students.

The CISA conference was about empowering international students and celebrating their contribution to the Australian community. The 2018 conference program had been planned to provide international student attendees with important information, the industry with the opportunity to interact with international student leaders, feedback to the CISA executive to develop strategies and positions on a range of topics, a focus on the emerging trends and opportunities impacting international students and the international education sector. The conference consisted of many panel discussions to emphasise the importance of international students to the Australian community and to address the challenges encountered by the international students in Australia.

The conference was a huge success and was a memorable experience for all the international student attendees, CISA members, industry partners and other professional bodies.

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