Entrepreneurship is the future

With the rapid growth and development of the technology, human civilization is indeed of innovation and invention. Thus, the concept of entrepreneurship was born with the revolution of the industry. Entrepreneurs design launch and run a new business, often initiated as a start-up. They create something new, something different which outstands the other products in the market.

QUT, as the university for real world empowers the entrepreneurial thinking and innovation among the university students and schools leaders. Of the many programmes to establish a solid foundation for entrepreneurship opportunities in Queensland, MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is at the forefront. Add to that, QUTbluebox empowers QUT students, alumni and staff to create social and commercial impact from research, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.   All these programmes offer students an exposure to a diverse global community of innovators passionate about solving real world challenges.

Recently, I was privileged enough to attend ‘Cahoots’; one of the events organised by QUT Insititute of Future Environment. This was a full day workshop which brought more than 30 innovative mindsets across different age levels to one platform in order to find solutions for uprising issues in different fields.

As future citizens, it is important that we understand the value of entrepreneurship and its values for the future development of the world.

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