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Learning how to be a QUTIC student mentor

Hi there!

Today I will write about my experience at the QUTIC mentor training.

QUTIC Mentors are a group of students in their second semester of their diploma programme that want to help new students to settle into Brisbane. Watching and knowing some mentors on the orientation day really helped me adapt more quickly to the environment and culture of Australia. The mentors were very friendly to us new students, and they answered any questions we might have. Because of my experience with the mentors, in the second semester of my diploma programme I decided to become a mentor myself.

When you applied for the mentor programme you will have to undergo special training provided by QUTIC. When my application got accepted I was still a mentor trainee, and had to finish the training first. It was then my first time meeting all the other mentors. At first, each of us only talked to other students sitting near to us, asking their names, where they come from and that kind of stuff. Then the trainers came and we started the training. This special training also made the mentor group relationship stronger at the end of the training. We first did some activities to get to know each other’s name, hobbies, age, and what kind of personality we each have. Then we played some games, like do not touch the floor, picking up a ball with only rope and many more.

Then here comes the fun part, we went on a trip to Binna Burra, it was very fun and I will remember it forever.

We hopped on the bus and travelled a few hours, some of us fell asleep and some of us listen to music, then we finally arrived at Binna Burra.

The first thing we got to do was putting our belongings in our room, then we had lunch.

Next, we have some lectures about what a mentor’s job is and the responsibilities. We also discussed some problems that might arise from students in general and how to solve them.

The next morning we had breakfast and took a walk through the beautiful forest. Then we had some fun riding a flying fox, played archery and enjoyed the marvelous sunset while we waited for dinner.

After dinner went night watching.

P.s. we were lucky to see the stars, it was amazing, incredible and beautiful. An unforgettable moment. The point of night watching is to find some nocturnal animals so, bring your strongest flashlights.😊 (sadly no photo was taken as it was at night ☹)

The next day we had a race to find paper clips in various locations, we were given a map and clue for the places of the paperclips. At that time I really felt like I was a real forest explorer. 😊

During the walk someone found a snake, I guess I am unlucky as well as lucky as I did not get to see the snake but at least I am safe :P.

After the game, we had lunch and went home by bus. So that is it for the exciting journey of mentor training, it was amazing and really worthwhile. So if you have a chance to become a mentor don’t think twice, apply, it’s definitely worthwhile, fun and memorable.

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