Students in Governance – What it takes is what you have

I am Kasun Kalhara, studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Since high school, I was interested in advocating peer students and support them.

Coming to QUT, I was offered many opportunities to contribute towards involving in advocacy, leadership and governance including LDI programmes, University Academic Board, Ambassador Roles, etc.

From my perspective, QUT emphasises the importance of the involvement of international students in governance at institutional, regional, local, state and national levels.




In the light of large numbers of international students on campuses, it is important that the international students are making the most of the given opportunities for intercession strategies in programs, policies, teaching strategies to improve cultural understanding, better intercultural relationships and emerge as future global leaders. As a key approach to producing global citizens, the international community in Australia should be educated and offered a platform to practice leadership at early stages.

QUT, in collaboration with the expertise in the field intended to encourage and support international students to actively engage in decision making at the organisational level. QUT empowers international students to lead the community in the future.

Over the last few weeks, I was fortunate to experience some opportunities to network with the professionals and engage in various leadership discussions. These events included the Golden Key Asia Pacific Conference, Council of International Students Australia events, QUT University Academic Board meeting, etc.

As a peer student, I highly encourage other international students to experience the available opportunities to upgrade their personal profilesĀ and make the most out of uni life in Australia.

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    Hi kasun,
    I am a law graduate (LL.B) from sri lanka. I studies university of peradeniya. I need to follow a Master of law (LL.M ) with a full scholership. Can u assist me?

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