North Tropical Queensland – where you got to be.

Who says Melbourne is the most livable city in the world? I think Brisbane is! Seriously, I mostly love the fact that Brisbane is located in Queensland; where the adventure is. Brisbane is just a couple of hours away by plane to the beautiful¬† North Tropical Queensland. The best thing I can find about Australia so far. Tell me I’m exaggerating- but please do follow @tropicalnorthqueensland and @gbrmarinepark on Instagram, and go there quick to prove me wrong.

Tropical North Queensland, where world heritages lie; Daintree Tropical Rainforest (oldest one in Australia) and THE Great Barrier Reef! I decided to go to these destinations via Cairns,¬†a city located 2 hours away by plane from Brisbane. It’s for certain a touristic city- where people stop by on their road trip to both northern and southern areas of the city, and ultimately go by ferry to the best diving spot. Check out these pictures & videos to see the best sides of Cairns and towns around it:

Captain Cook Highway
Fitzroy Island, half hour away from Cairns by ferry
Diving in the Great Barrier Reef via Cairns

Great Barrier Reef underwater montage:

Cairns Road and Water Trip Itinerary:

My itinerary involved: road trip to Kuranda and Daintree Rainforest, Baron Falls, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, went by ferry for a day trip to Fitzroy Island, and also a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef for a day of snorkeling and diving in 3 spots, 20 minute away from each other.

Also, photos of Tropical North Queensland on my flickr account:




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