Adventures around South Bank

Thomas, Diploma in Engineering, QUT International College

Hi there, I’m Thomas from Vietnam, currently a Diploma student in Engineering at QUTIC. Today I’m going to share my exciting experience at South Bank, Brisbane.

This time, me and my friend Condi planned to have a day full of sun and water!

Christmas tree in King George Square

South Bank is just one bridge away from King George Square, and there are many things to explore: parklands, museum, art galleries and more! Mostly everything is free, but remember the closing times for museums and galleries are usually 5pm.

Morning is the best time to visit. Bringing umbrellas, hats and sunscreen is a good idea because it’s pretty sunny during the day.

1.First stop, the Ferris Wheel, the iconic thing in South Bank and it’s quite expensive to get a ticket:

$20 for Adult

$14 for Children

You can get a cheaper ticket when buying online. I think you got a nice view but I’d give the wheel a 7/10 for overall value.

2.  The pool and artificial beach is beautiful, lots of sun, people and joy, and it’s free! There are also coffee shops, restaurants, souvenirs and a children’s play ground.

The best way to keep cool in summer!

If you want to take a swim, you might want to get a locker.  For 3 hours, a small locker is $4, twice that size is $6, and you must pay by coins.

Because I’m the only one who have coins, as you could guess, here goes my $6. Also there are also bathrooms with shower cabin for us to change and shower afterwards.

I love the artificial beach, it’s clean and very comfortable. I feel like I could stay there the whole day, relaxing, enjoying the coolness of water under the heat of the sun.  Overall, 8/10

Streets Beach at South Bank

3.The Queensland Museum & Science Centre is our next stop; free to enter, except if you want to see the Gladiator show, which is $18 for Adult and $12 for Children. Going to this science museum is such an excitement for me, since I’m a real nerd.

Me, Myself and Dinosaur

The museum consists of three floors, starting from level 2 of the building (down below is the bus stop). It showcases us the evolution, the beauty and a variety of animals, plants and humans in Australia along with technology and the solar system.



Everything is so well organised and designed, that it could make a person who had no interest in science and biology (my friend) become excited and curious.

I would definitely rate this museum a 10/10.

4.The Queensland Art Gallery is astonishing, there are so many cool pieces in there. Although I’m not a big art fan, I was in a good mood when leaving this gallery because it is quite relaxing being among all of the beautifully crafted creations.

The entry is free, and they even have paper and pen for you to create your own work of art!

I would say, if you have even a little interest in beautiful or creative things, give it a try. 9/10

Unfortunately, the trip ended early (after 4 hours) because we were too tired and both of us had some things to do in the afternoon. It’s such a pity because we missed the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) which is home to many famous travelling art shows. I promise myself to return to South Bank one more time to finish my journey!

After that, we traveled back to the city and had lunch. Luckily, it’s on him!

Sushi time!!

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