Home Away from Home: Student One

Student One Wharf Street: 5 Bedroom Apartment Views

Moving to Brisbane has been the best decision of my life, but also the toughest because moving to a new city, adjust to a new lifestyle isn’t always as fun as people think it is. I’ve been living in Brisbane for a year now and one thing that I’ve noticed that is common for international students is the feeling of homesickness. I personally believe that your surroundings can be a factor to this feeling – which is why choosing where you will be living is one of the most important decisions you have to decide early on (even before you move to Brisbane!).

Student One is a premium student-built accommodation that provides study focused facilities (a whole floor dedicated to studying + computers you can use!), flexible room options, laundry areas, and of course – the perfect location! It’s located right in the heart of the city, which makes everything accessible and in reach. The building is staffed 24 hours which makes the environment safe and secure for students.

Study Floors at Student One
Study Floors at Student One
Computers: Provided for students at the Study Floor
Laundry Area
Laundry Area

The life of an international student is not all about studying – it can also be fun! One of the best things about Student One is the recreational areas that they provide such as: BBQ areas, swimming pool, gym area and not to forget, a sky lounge that provides you with the most amazing views of Brisbane city!

4th Floor: Recreational Area
39th Floor: Sky Lounge

Not only is the location so perfect, but the living conditions too. Based on my personal experiences moving into this accommodation, I have built not just a sense of community with friends that I know will l forever cherish, but it has made me feel as if I’m home, away from home.

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