Student Voice

At QUTIC, my voice is being heard and my opinions are being used for the better of the group, which I have witnessed and experienced at several occasions described below.

In my last semester at QUTIC, I had the opportunity to be the student representative for the Diploma of Business students. We had three meetings and my role was to receive feedback, concerns, and ideas from my fellow classmates then discussed those matters in the meetings with QUTIC staff. Our monthly meetings mainly focused on ways for QUTIC staff to understand students’ feedback, hence how they could improve the student experience at QUTIC. Students’ feedback can sometimes be straightforward and hurtful, however, I observed that the staff responded positively when dealing with these difficult circumstances.

Student Representative Committee Meeting

There was one time when my study group came together to ask for our assignment  to be remarked because we weren’t satisfied with our result since we put lots of effort into our it. After having a consultation with the tutor and a re-evaluation with the Unit Coordinator, we successfully made some changes by showing our reasons why we deserved a better mark. Everything was settled nicely and we were glad that we had a chance to present our case and have our say.

Another experience is with my friend, Immanuel Ishimwe. We were both invited by Mr. Kenneth Beutel (Director of QUTIC) to participate in the International College Academic Board (ICAB) meetings. This was a rewarding opportunity for both of us to represent as part of the Student Voice at the table where strategies and changes are discussed. The ICAB is designed to enhance decision-making related to learning and teaching, academic standards, quality, and risk at QUTIC. Immanuel and I are doing our best to contribute and make a big impact to improve the experience of future students.

ICAB Meeting
From left to right: Mrs. Annetta Spathis, me, Immanuel, Mr. Ken Beutel.

Finally, at the Student Voice Session at the QUTIC Professional Development Day, together with other fellows, I got a chance to help teachers to understand and know more about international students’ perspective when adjusting to Australian learning environment. The student panel was divided into small groups with teachers to discuss the student studying experience at QUTIC under three topics, which were technology, assessment, and culture. By doing this staff and teachers’ can find an effective way to assist the student in their learning and make changes to improve student life at QUTIC.

QUTIC PD Day. From left to right: Zairo, Kim, Lesley, me, Mimi Smith, Mary, Nicole, Sam.

To make these events possible, I had to seize the opportunities by taking on roles, be open-minded and listen to other people’s concerns and be responsible.  Indeed, I got to know more students and teachers and I learnt lots from attending these sessions. I appreciated that QUTIC gave me these opportunities to be actively involved and make my own studying journey more efficient and memorable.

Most important of all, QUTIC takes students’ feedback into account and strive to enhance the learning environment better every day. I remember one staff member told me that “everything we got from today is built on students’ feedback”. So do not hesitate to give QUTIC your feedback, and make a difference while you are on your path to success.

The Round Up February

New postgraduate courses in Engineering

Interested in expanding your knowledge in Engineering?

QUT now offers two new postgraduate courses with February and July intakes:

New course: Master of Counselling (PY12)

Gain advanced knowledge and skills in counselling therapy with an applied and experimental focus to your studies. You will also gain practical experience in QUT’s own Psychology and Counselling clinic.

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QUT at the Forefront of Startups in Australia

In the 2017 Startup Muster survey, QUT was found to be the second most attended educational institution in the country.

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Jessie gets a Life Changing Experience in Silicon Valley

QUT Creative Industries graduate Jessie Hughes was chosen as one of 20 young (18-29 year old), high-achieving, tech-focused Australians to go on a study tour to Silicon Valley, USA.

Find out how Jessie’s curiosity of choosing tech-heavy electives at QUT and travel have opened up a world of endless opportunities.

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Education Courses Available for Mid-year Entry

July entry is now available for the following courses:

Bachelor of Education

Master of Teaching

Admissions in July is with suitable advanced standing (credit) only.

QUT Lecturer Australian University Teacher of the Year

QUT’s robotics vision Distinguished Professor Peter Corke have been honoured as Australian University Teacher of the Year 2017, the nation’s most prestigious higher education teaching award.

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QUT to Lead National Robotic Defence Research

Federal Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne announced last month that QUT will lead research in the new Defence Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Trusted Autonomous Systems. QUT will headquarter the potentially $121 million research facility in Queensland.

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New App to Help with Summer Safety

Summertime can lead to many burns giving you lifelong scars and year’s of treatment. To prevent this, QUT’s Dr Leila Cuttle has partnered with Australian technology company iPug to release “Cool runnings”, an app to educate people on burn prevention and burn first aid.

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More stories from QUT and Brisbane

Home Away from Home: Student One

Student One Wharf Street: 5 Bedroom Apartment Views

Moving to Brisbane has been the best decision of my life, but also the toughest because moving to a new city, adjust to a new lifestyle isn’t always as fun as people think it is. I’ve been living in Brisbane for a year now and one thing that I’ve noticed that is common for international students is the feeling of homesickness. I personally believe that your surroundings can be a factor to this feeling – which is why choosing where you will be living is one of the most important decisions you have to decide early on (even before you move to Brisbane!).

Student One is a premium student-built accommodation that provides study focused facilities (a whole floor dedicated to studying + computers you can use!), flexible room options, laundry areas, and of course – the perfect location! It’s located right in the heart of the city, which makes everything accessible and in reach. The building is staffed 24 hours which makes the environment safe and secure for students.

Study Floors at Student One

Study Floors at Student One

Computers: Provided for students at the Study Floor

Laundry Area

Laundry Area

The life of an international student is not all about studying – it can also be fun! One of the best things about Student One is the recreational areas that they provide such as: BBQ areas, swimming pool, gym area and not to forget, a sky lounge that provides you with the most amazing views of Brisbane city!

4th Floor: Recreational Area

39th Floor: Sky Lounge

Not only is the location so perfect, but the living conditions too. Based on my personal experiences moving into this accommodation, I have built not just a sense of community with friends that I know will l forever cherish, but it has made me feel as if I’m home, away from home.

For more information, visit Student One

Newbie in Brisbane

Brisbane welcomed me with heavy rain in June 2017. Growing up in a hot and humid region, Brisbane winter season made me worried. I don’t know what other people’s experiences are, but when I first arrived at Brisbane airport, my lips cracked and bled because the weather was cold and the wind hit me with no mercy. Thanks to QUT airport pick-up service I arrived safely at Iglu Kelvin Grove – Student Accommodation. I chose Iglu as my first accommodation because it was on the QUT Home website.

Iglu Kelvin Grove – Brisbane Student Accommodation

I couldn’t bear the cold and at the same time being lonely, but I had no idea who I should ask for help. I was caught up in a mix feelings that lead me to a very bad mood, until I got a message from an acquaintance.

Portrait picture of my heroine (May)

May knew that I had arrived and she was sure that I would need some help due to her past experience when she first studied abroad. May and her boyfriend took me to Westfield Chermside to buy a heater and other necessities. Without that heater I think I couldn’t make it through the night because of the cold weather. Once again, thank you May for being my heroine.

I spent nearly an entire day in both QUT campuses to memorise the map (Haha, How nerdy am I?), so I would not be running around asking for directions on orientation day.

The Cube in P Block caught my attention.

Miranda – on the left. We did not know that we come from the same country until Iglu’s staff introduced us. Surprisingly, Miranda also took the same course with me in QUTIC

Miranda and I had a great afternoon at South Bank. We were watching the sunset while drinking milk tea. I’ve heard, some people think Brisbane is boring even before getting here. Some of my friends tried to convince me to study at other majors cities, but the beauty of Brisbane touched me. Indeed, Brisbane is not very big compared to other cities, however it has everything I need.

I did not know this building is a casino until one of my friends took me for dinner in the casino’s restaurant .

View from Victoria Bridge

On the next day, I got in contact with a friend. He is a friend from high school best friend’s friend in middle school (I know, the connection sounds so complicated) , and he has lived here for a very long time.

Lyo – on the right

First, Lyo introduced me the shuttle bus from Kelvin Grove Campus to Garden Point Campus. From there we walked along Brisbane River from the Goodwill Bridge to the Story Bridge. Brisbane’s scenery along the river was calm and peaceful. It made me feel very welcomed.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

At the end of the day, I knew a lot more about Brisbane and I feel so blessed to receive all the help from May, Miranda, and Lyo.