Graduation is here!

I still remember what we were told during our Business Orientation session. “ It is hard to adapt to a new country, university and lifestyle all at once, but what you might not realise yet is that is even harder when you finish your studies”. Now I can relate to that feeling of leaving behind my student life. Whilst moving on is exciting it’s also scary at the same time. The future seems both challenging and uncertain.

Now I look back at my 4 semesters of studies and I realise how happy my life as a student was. I got very used to a routine and so attached to my Australian family (co-workers, housemates and friends) as well as the beautiful Brisbane city, which is so easy to fall in love with. NO, I am not saying that it was all pink, flower and magic during my studies. I definitely had some rough times, long nights, shaky presentations, bad notes, disagreements with professors and classmates, and issues with my sponsor payments (lack of payments). I had a couple of home-sick moments, one psycho flatmate, I got lost in the city after taking a wrong bus and having no battery left on my mobile, to name a few of the negatives. However, if I start to write the positives, I am sure I would need 10 blog posts, because my experience as an international student at QUT was way beyond my expectations.

Now when my studies are over, this is how I would summarise my uni life:

What I WON´T MISS about Uni-life:

  • APA / Harvard referencing, citing, referencing and quoting
  • Turnitin and the similarity percentage when uploading assignments in Blackboard
  • Weekend sessions at the library
  • Leaving the 24 hours laboratory after 10 pm
  • Breaking down, decoding, interpreting and analysing CRA´s (Criterion Referenced Assessment)

What will I miss about Uni:

  • Student discounts (Translink, Diving Tours, Museum or Park Tickets)
  • Orientation activities, specialy $2 AUD lunches at O-week
  • The excitement when seeing your grades in Blackboard
  • QUT stalker space 2.0 (It is not funny or useful if once you are no longer a student)
  • The Botanic Bar

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