Student Leadership conference 2017: Transform

QUT hosts one Student Leadership conference per semester, that is run by students for students. This semester’s conference ran over two days; the first day focused on introspection and assessing our values and strengths and the second day focused on using these values and strengths to inspire and spearhead change in our community.

Unfortunately, I was able to attend only day one due to other obligations, but it was entirely worth it.

Each conference focuses on a new theme, and seeks to galvanize the leader in each of us. This is apparent by the fact that the organizing committee of the conference consists of students only and the conference itself runs workshops facilitated by fellow students. The learning experience is somehow more thought-provoking and relatable when I see my friends and colleagues running the show.

This year, for the first time ever, QUT invited students from other universities to attend and participate in our conference, with the aim of building leadership communities across Australian universities.

To anyone who hasn’t yet attended any of the conferences, please do. It might consume your whole day but it’s definitely worth it. It’s all the knowledge you get outside of your classroom that makes you a well-rounded person.

Besides, food is free!! Who doesn’t love free food amirite? Make sure you come along to the next conference!

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