The Benefits of Traveling Solo

I’ve flown by myself many times before, but I had never flown to a new country to travel completely solo. Much to my parents’ dismay back in the US, I challenged myself to step a little outside my comfort zone and take a trip alone to Queenstown, New Zealand for a week.

I know it sounds extremely intimidating to take on a brand new country all alone, but I promise, there are endless benefits of doing so. When I arrived in Queenstown, the only plans I had set were my hostel for the week, and bungy jumping on my first day. I wanted to leave my plans open so that when I was presented with new opportunities, I had a flexible schedule to decide what I wanted to do. Not booking my week was the best choice I made- I met tons of new people and discovered awesome new places. Making friends that happened to have cars and/or boats allowed me to travel with great company without having to spend the extra money for transport. If I had flown to Queenstown with a friend, they may have wanted to go different places than me, do different activities than me, and eat different things than me. Since I was by myself, I was able to make decisions based off what would make me happy. If I wanted to wake up early and fit in a day full of activities, I didn’t have to worry about another person being willing to do the same. If I wanted a day to relax and read by the lake, I didn’t have anyone to object. I felt an independence and freedom in New Zealand that I have never felt before because I truly had complete control over everything that I did. It was a relief to not worry about meeting other people’s wants or needs. Being disconnected from the rest of the world because most of the places didn’t have wifi was also a major factor of my fulfilling experience during the trip.

Overall, being on my own for a week was an amazing way for me to get in touch with myself. I had a lot of time to clear my head, reflect on things, and realize what is actually important to me. I was able to toss out a lot of my careless worries and concerns, and focus on the happiness that the little things in life bring me. I highly recommend taking a trip by yourself, whether it is to a new country, or even just a new state or town nearby- it will impact you in a very positive way.


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